We help small businesses in the Delaware Valley with all of their IT support and outsourced services needs!

  • Security Package and Ransomware Guarantee
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Security
  • Currently Serving over 500 Users
  • Emphasis on Education to Empower your Team
  • Zero Geek Lingo so you Understand
  • Preventative Practices and Business Reviews
Bill Hogan

Buyers Guide to finding great IT support for your business


Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve.


Never worry about losing your data again.

On-Site Computer

We come on-site and solve all of your computer issues.


We provide additional, 24/7 protection.

Data Backup &

Be able to access and restore your data quickly.

Business Phone

We can help you stay connected, more easily.

AND IN MALVERN AT (610) 361-9200

3 Reasons to Choose Partners Plus
for Your Company’s Outsourced IT Support


Our emphasis on education empowers you and your team. As your managed IT service provider, we walk alongside you to make the best IT decisions for your business, and train your team to keep their workstation and department as protected as possible.


Our new Security Package is the highest level of protection we can offer your company to guard against ransomware. As your IT support, we’ll monitor your network 7×24, offer the best insurance around and ensure our Ransomware Guarantee.


We ensure your IT service provider is accessible by having a live, on-site operator and standing by our Guaranteed Response Times. Our goal is to fix the issue with little disruptions or downtime.

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See the love other business owners are giving about their outsourced IT department!
Without P+, I’m Not Up and Running

Have always been satisfied with P+.

Bill has more than paid for his services.

I love the ability that P+ can remote into our network, it’s priceless.

I don’t feel left behind in the crowd because he can remote in with multiple clients.

Without P+, I’m not up and running.

Bill Hogan is God.

Craig Filippone

Craig F., Owner
Physical Therapy Office

P+ is Extremely Competent

We were computer illiterate. Partners Plus did a great job bringing us into the computer age. They’re real professionals. Very organized, extremely competent and they make themselves available to us when we need them.

Joseph Goldberg

Joseph G., Doctor
Optometrist Office

With P+ There’s No Issues with Downtime

When you looked at the time it takes for me to get something done, Bill does it more effectively.

No issues with downtime.

Bill is proficient on the communications side, not just the network.

Highly reliable and knowledgeable.


Dan J., President

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In 1991, Bill Hogan formed Partners Plus, an IT support company, based on being a business operates and understanding the need to speak to company leaders in English rather than “geek lingo.”

In 2007, after years of frustration with the sub-standard services Bill saw during network audits, he published “Hassle-Free Computer Support.” It was his first effort to educate business owners with the info they need to get superior technical support.

Then, in 2018, he decided to publish all of his recent articles and policies in “The Business Owner’s Guide to Successful IT for Your Company,” to help business owners like himself build the best IT possible for their companies.

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