It’s an unfortunate reality that ads are a part of life everywhere we go now. We’ve of course been familiar with them on commercials throughout the morning news and on billboards while driving to work, but now they’re constantly at the palms of our hands as well. Your GPS app has them, they’re every 4th or 5th post on social media, and they’re beside the article you’re reading online. Not only that but they’re personalized to your viewing habits. I did not begin to see ads for MSP security and SEO optimization until I began my job with Partners Plus! If the personalization and repetition of companies’ ads aren’t distracting enough, they’re also animated. Bright colors and moving text constantly steal your attention when you’re trying to stay focused.

This is where ad blockers installed on your browser(s) (or phones!) come in handy. These will give you faster speeds, decreased distractions, and reduced risks (as ads can be connected to malware). These additionally can help with privacy, disallowing companies from tracking your online activity. Our top two recommendations are uBlock Origin, followed by AdBlock Plus.

uBlock Origin is a free browser extension for content filtering and ad-blocking. They have a number of filter lists for advertisements and malware, along with customizable filters. They have been our number one recommendation for years. uBlock Origin additionally helps immensely with speed! You’ll find websites load MUCH faster with this installed. Download for Chrome here, Firefox here, and Edge here 

AdBlock Plus is another free browser extension for content filtering and ad-blocking. It’s compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Android, and iOS. It can additionally filter malware and social media buttons, along with the ability to customize.

With Partners Plus as your outsourced IT, you’ve ensured protection from these distracting issues. The heart of our IT support services is to promote ongoing operations through Best Practices and productivity tools. Our top-tier memberships come with content blocking on work computers. Our Firewall setup blocks two-way traffic from bad countries and scans for harmful Internet downloads. To top it off, our add-on Security Package inspects traffic from both secure AND insecure websites. As a Partners Plus client, you not only get our recommendations but also get the ease of us taking care of it for you. Like we always say, we make your IT great and you make your small business great. Contact us today!