managed IT services PhiladelphiaIf you are not sure how to go about backing up your mobile data, managed IT services providers in Philadelphia can help as it is imperative that you are aware how important it is. If you allow your employees to use their own mobile devices for work purposes, then they will necessarily have work data on them whether that is in the form of documents, emails, contact information or text messages. If these devices were to be stolen or lost, then you need to make sure you still have access to this information and the best way to do that is to make sure they are frequently backed up.

How to Backup Mobile Data

Most mobile devices will automatically back up data, but it may not be ideal for your needs. The settings on Apple can be changed so that all data is backed up to the iCloud, and there is a similar arrangement on Android phones as these will also copy emails to Gmail and contact information to Google Calendar. The safest way to back up these devices, however, is to make sure that you have duplicate copies elsewhere, just in case your cloud account details are compromised or the cloud itself has security problems.

As well as the inbuilt backup apps, you can also download standalone apps that will allow you to sync data to the cloud and also schedule backups exactly when you want them.

Managed IT services providers in Philadelphia recommend also backing your data up to a computer’s hard drive. This usually involves connecting your device straight to the computer or copying your data onto an SD card which can then be removed from the device in question.

Should You Choose Manual or Automated Backup?

As mentioned, most devices will allow you to schedule automatic backups, but you might prefer to be selective about your saved data or want the flexibility to store it wherever you would like. Manual backups give you the option to order and organize your data in specific files or on specific computers.

Whichever way you decide to back up your data, you must also make sure you test them thoroughly to make sure the recovery is exactly as you expect.


Take the advice of managed IT services providers in Philadelphia and prioritize the backing up and recovery of your mobile devices. The more that your employees use them in the workplace, the more at risk you are of losing valuable data if there is a security problem or one of the devices goes missing. Contact us at Partners Plus today to make sure you are doing all you can to protect your company and your data.