IT support WilmingtonWhen it comes to backing up data, you can never be too careful. You need an IT support provider in Wilmington that sweats all the small stuff to preserve client data and prevent breaches, because failing to back up data can have disastrous consequences.

How Data is Lost

Data is stolen every single day. It is not just network breaches and stolen user credentials that cause data loss. In many instances, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other computing devices are stolen or lost. In many cases, the loss of the data on the device proves more painful than the loss of the actual physical hardware. A computer that is stolen or lost might contain several years’ worth of research information or critically important data that is irreplaceable. Some of those who lose data go as far as posting rewards on the web for anyone who can help recover this invaluable information. There is no doubt this is an incredibly unfortunate scenario. If you have not endured data loss, you should be thankful.

Protect Against Data Loss

The best way to protect against data loss is to backup data and any sensitive information to a secure off-site space through cloud backup and recovery services by way of the internet. Data can also be backed up on a device like a removable media disk drive. The unfortunate truth is most organizations do not backup laptop data. The typical employee is busy working and traveling to regularly back up the data on his computer. This is precisely why most laptops are not backed up. Though security software can safeguard laptops against malware and additional threats, these solutions will not prove useful when a laptop is stolen or misplaced. The bottom line is the person who steals the laptop will determine the fate of the data unless you are proactive.

It is possible to automate laptops' data backup so data is securely stored in servers positioned in remote locations. This provides you with access to information even if the laptop is lost or stolen. Certain backup software wipes data from a lost device in a remote manner to ensure sensitive information is not accessed by a malicious party. An IT support provider in Wilmington can help you with all of these data protection methods.

The Fallout of Unprotected Data

Data that is not backed up and stolen or lost can spur some major problems. These problems are especially severe if client data or partner data is lost. Some clients will cut ties with a company that loses their data. Others will take legal action that ends up costing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills. Clients and partners might not immediately jump ship following a data breach but they will certainly lose confidence in the company that lost their data, especially if that information was not backed up. You can avoid these nightmares by taking advantage of the latest digital safeguards and backing up your data on a regular basis.

Ally with our data backup specialists at Partners Plus, Inc. and you will rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure. Our IT support team in Wilmington provides clients with the reassurance they need to maintain client confidentiality, protect employee information, and safeguard company secrets. To learn more about our company and services, contact us today.