IT support Philadelphia, cloud computing PAAn IT support in Philadelphia that provides cloud computing solutions can save you money. Areas where cloud computing commonly conserves resources include:

  • Personnel
  • Equipment
  • Infrastructure
  • Competitiveness


You're not going to need to hire more tech people for the cloud. Some who have served a negatively redundant purpose may be safely liquidated, which on its own will save you $30k+ per liquidation. You can also scale-out more quickly and less expensively in terms of technology needs. You just up the monthly fee and get the additional services as you need them.


An IT support provider in Philadelphia can help you surrogate both end-user portals and onsite server arrays. BYOD can be facilitated through a cloud computing platform that gives employees access to the network where work needs to be done. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) makes this possible; Mobile Device Management (MDM) makes BYOD secure. Now, employees can work where they want, when they want, how they want on equipment they already understand.

Additionally, something called Device as a Service, a secondary DaaS, is on the horizon. This will give your employees end-user portals managed by an organization that updates and circulates them at a monthly rate. Through DaaS, BYOD, and potentially the aforementioned device solution, you can totally offset the cost of individual user portals.

Lastly, if your employees work from home in sufficient numbers, you can consolidate operations into smaller departments and save money on rent. You will also save from outsourcing your network from an onsite server array to a cloud solution. Such a move could save anywhere from $10k to $100k a year or more, depending on the size of your operation.


There are a lot of Big Data applications associated with the cloud, which allow you to refine your organization's infrastructure in ways that would be difficult to achieve otherwise. Additionally, reduced onsite technology expenses result in reduced management costs in terms of time, equipment, money, and personnel. This further optimizes the effectiveness of your infrastructure through complication reduction.


Even a burgeoning startup operation can progress with the technological firepower of a big corporation through cloud computing solutions. They can enjoy professionalized security provided by practitioners regularly dealing with diverse more complicated businesses. They will have a prerogative toward maintaining the most modern solutions. Also, larger businesses that update to the cloud can free up resources that can be devoted toward core operations, marketing, research, and development or whatever is most prescient when the funds become available.

Finally, Big Data can provide businesses with a means to continuously optimize their output through solutions like smart manufacturing. Cloud computing provides a competitive edge in its increased technology provision, as well as its infrastructural renaissance.

The Cloud Transition

IT support in Philadelphia through Partners Plus, Inc. can help your business take full advantage of available resources at its disposal. Cloud computing is a game-changer and it will likely soon be status quo. It makes sense to get involved now when greater flexibility is still possible. Contact us now for more information regarding the cloud and how to upgrade your business.