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Firewall: An Essential Tool to Manage and Protect all Traffic

One of our go-to analogies when explaining the ins and outs of IT to prospects and clients is the layout of a castle. Game of Thrones fanatic or not, you can envision the scene. A moat, surrounding the castle and its grounds, is only accessible via a draw bridge when lowered for approved traffic. The moat is deep enough and full of enough alligators, to

April 30, 2022|Categories: IT Security|

Our Suggested Mobile Device Etiquette

Your mobile device can be both your greatest asset and your greatest liability. With great power, comes great responsibility. Therefore, take these steps to optimize your phone’s performance and security. Your phone is simply a useful tool--let’s keep it that way! Security Back up your phone data, including a cloud-based version. iPhone instructions: Back up iPhone - Apple Support Android instructions: Back up your device - Android -

April 30, 2022|Categories: Mobile Security|

Onsite Storage vs. the Slow Migration to the Cloud

The Cloud has been an ambiguous term we've heard for years now but is still met with much confusion and apprehension. Where IS it, people want to know! On your mobile device, your cloud storage may seem to always be 'full,' even though you're not even sure it's a real place with real files. Hah! Regardless, it IS real and it IS the direction we're

April 30, 2022|Categories: Storage|

Which Browser Should I Use?

First Place: Edge It's our go-to browser in-office. It's similar to Chrome but with better tracker blocking. They don't make any money on tracking! It's a huge improvement from Internet Explorer. There are three levels of tracker blocking within their settings. It's a Chromium browser, Microsoft-ized. Second Place: Chrome It's a fast and secure browser overall. Tracker blocking is limited--they gather user data by default. Compared

April 30, 2022|Categories: Secure Web Browsing|

Follow CISA and NSA Guidance

Cybersecurity suggestions and directives are continuing to escalate as attacks do as well. Efforts led by President Biden, the CISA and NSA offer expertise for those in the private and public sectors. This month, data-wiping attacks occurred in Ukraine, leading the US government to continue proceeding with caution. Simultaneously, executive orders that were first signed last May, are expanding for the Defense Department, spy agencies and contractors. The

April 30, 2022|Categories: IT Security|

How to Know if Your Web Browsing is Secure

Thankfully, browsers have made it increasingly easy! Now, in and beside the URL, you can view two things: Check if the URL has HTTPS or HTTP. If it has HTTP, don't go to the site. The S stands for secure and means Secure Sockets Layer. URLs with HTTPS ensure data is encrypted before it's sent to the server. Check to the left or right of

April 30, 2022|Categories: Secure Web Browsing|
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