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Onsite computer repair

When it comes to the high-strung business world of the modern day, you can’t waste a single precious moment. Having your computer crash during a hard day’s work is bad enough. Now factor in the time and money it will take to repair it.  These sorts of situations are mostly preventable if you properly maintain your computers at all times. But disasters happen even when

July 25, 2022|Categories: Computer Tips|

Should I use my personal email for business purposes?

The answer is never, but individuals can often change back to personal email accounts. Large businesses have many risks involved with the availability of mobile email. These risks should be enough to hinder using personal email accounts for business purposes.  If, for example, an employer is out of the office and is required to work remotely, cloud computing should be available through the business email

July 22, 2022|Categories: Email Security|

Importance of IT Security

Various tactics and tools are used to identify, prevent, battle, and document threats to both digital and non-digital information devices. Social media profiles, hardware containing critical information, and email addresses must be protected. Anyone who handles sensitive information must be vigilant about protecting it. The importance of IT security is more critical than it was ever before, and this is only becoming more true as

July 4, 2022|Categories: IT Security|

Using an Office Phone System

Cloud phone systems are phone services that your company can buy over the Internet. Instead of keeping phone system software on a server located at your office, you can acquire cloud phone system service from a provider such as Partners Plus. The service is essentially the same, you will be using an office phone system to make phone calls but with more benefits. Let's take

June 20, 2022|Categories: Mobile Security|

Secure Data Backups and Recovery

Most managed service providers (MSPs) should perform backups in the cloud because of the inherent security risks associated with local storage. If you are not utilizing cloud computing, then you will, at the very least, want to look into a cloud backup. By storing backups at a remote location, businesses are able to gain remote access to their data while maintaining an additional layer of

June 6, 2022|Categories: IT Security|

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has become the most popular application for many businesses because of its reliability and flexibility, not to mention the cost. Traditionally companies would have to have a large infrastructure to compute the things they need. When working with a cloud infrastructure, companies have the freedom to move around and have access to everything remotely. This allows for the ever-popular remote working options. Because

May 23, 2022|Categories: Storage|
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