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Partner Plus has shown great strength in the technology sector, boasting over 30 years in the Delaware Valley.

Wilmington, DE - Partners Plus is announcing its 31st year of service on the east coast. The IT company started back in 1991 and has grown to expand to 5 states: servicing customers from Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and up through Connecticut. The office locations are Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE, and Malvern, PA, the three offices service a wide range of customers needing professionally

January 12, 2023|Categories: Press Release|

For DIY Clients – Wix and Squarespace Are The Two Web Hosting Companies That Partners Plus, Inc. Recommends

A website is one of the top priorities for a startup these days so, this article will compare and contrast two popular web hosting companies, Ltd. and Squarespace, that Partners Plus, Inc. approves. Both of these web hosting companies are great examples of DIY website development because they offer beginner-friendly customization, domain set-up, and expert web design services to advise customers. Also, Partners Plus,

December 30, 2022|Categories: Blog|

3 Types of Cyber Insurance You Need to Know About

Businesses rely more than ever on technology to keep their ship afloat. To keep your business smooth sailing, you are going to need a team who can: troubleshoot tech disasters, provide solutions for the plethora of common cloud computing issues, understand the importance of data backups and recovery, know the ins and out of a business communications system, and most importantly provide a top-notch security

December 28, 2022|Categories: IT News|

Dell T440 Server Positive Review

Every successful business owner uses a server to help keep their business running and they trust that the server will guarantee that their valuable data is safe and well-managed. When choosing a server for a business it’s important to look at a few factors that make some servers stand out better from the rest. A server will help protect computers that are networked together from

December 23, 2022|Categories: IT News|

Partners Plus Strongly Recommends Permanently Removing Your Comcast SecurityEdge Service

Partners Plus highly recommends permanently removing the SecurityEdge service if you have a Comcast subscription for your small business. The Comcast Business website advertises SecurityEdge for small businesses to be able to “safeguard” their network. Comcast Business offers a discount to include SecurityEdge service in orders; however, the service actually significantly lowers the security of a network. Nowadays, some businesses are using data-sharing applications such

December 22, 2022|Categories: Blog|

The Web Hosting Company GoDaddy Inc is Having Problems With Their Clients’ Domains Being Compromised

A well-known content creator was telling the owner of Partners Plus, Bill Hogan, about his clients with GoDaddy-based domains being compromised. Several mishaps occur when a compromise happens like malware, loss of access to email, and loss of domain. GoDaddy clients whose domains are compromised lose control of their website; the website is either compromised with malware or completely replaced. The unfortunate victims of this

December 22, 2022|Categories: IT News|
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