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How to Know if Your Web Browsing is Secure

Thankfully, browsers have made it increasingly easy! Now, in and beside the URL, you can view two things: Check if the URL has HTTPS or HTTP. If it has HTTP, don't go to the site. The S stands for secure and means Secure Sockets Layer. URLs with HTTPS ensure data is encrypted before it's sent to the server. Check to the left or right of

April 30, 2022|Categories: Secure Web Browsing|

Giving Users Domain Administrator Access is a VERY Bad Idea

We often get the request – “Can one key person or lots of users have Domain Administrator rights to the network?”This document looks to detail the reasons why this tends to generate a number of challenges for your organization.First, let’s give you an analogy… If a person (no matter how well-intentioned) walks around all day, every day holding a lit candle, trying to be sure

April 30, 2022|Categories: IT Security|

The Dangers of Malvertising

End-of-year reports found an emphasis on phishing awareness, which, while good due to its prominent usage, also has its cons. This emphasis means that other tactics hackers utilize aren't getting as much security training. "Although 40% of employees believe that they understand and could explain phishing threats to others “very well,” understanding of various other social engineering threats drops off substantially from there." If this

April 30, 2022|Categories: IT Security|

Many Employees Still With Very Limited Security Awareness

In a survey released by KnowBe4 in the fall of 2021, it was discovered that nearly one-half (45%)  "lack the confidence necessary to identify a social engineering attack," such as phishing. They also found that only 48% of employees believe that opening a malicious link in their email app can cause infection in their mobile devices.  Additionally, Thycotic's Global Research Report (conducted in June 2021)

April 30, 2022|Categories: IT Security|

Increase Your Employees’ Productivity by 30-40%

If you still aren't on the two-monitor train yet, allow us to try and convince you!  It may seem redundant and an unnecessary waste of money to have two monitors when you already have one. We get that! But there's research to show it's worth it.Having two monitors allows you to perform tasks much quicker and more efficiently. It has even been proven to increase

April 30, 2022|Categories: IT Education|

Reasons to Outsource IT

Companies are often looking at their infrastructure and considering what makes sense from an economical standpoint. One item that often comes up is whether or not to use IT outsourcing services or keep it in-house. An in-house IT department may not always make sense though, for small- or medium-sized businesses. Here are some reasons why outsourcing may be the smartest move for your company:It can

April 30, 2022|Categories: IT Outsourcing|
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