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Is your office phone system unreliable, overpriced, and uncomplimentary to your business? Whether you’re dealing with…
  • Dropped calls, poor sound quality, and terrible service
  • Inconsistent performance and incapable support
  • Incompatibility with how your office runs or incapability of remote work access
  • It’s an outdated system, but you’re stuck in a contract…

We understand your pain. Both our teams and our clients have dealt with it! Unfortunately, though, choosing a new phone system can be a daunting, critical decision to make. Choose poorly, and your struggles will only continue. Additionally, the last thing we want is for you to be stuck in another long-term contract with terrible service and huge fees to get out of. Whether you’re looking for a long-term solution or a noncommittal system to ease into, we have great options.

We’ve partnered with multiple phone systems to help you figure out the best solution for your company. You can look forward to:
  • Work remotely
  • Options for all generations
    • App-based phone systems for mobile or desktop, home office extensions, and traditional desk phones
      • With the app, outbound calls will appear as your work number, eliminating the need to give out your mobile number.
  • Compatible with multiple locations and building-wide announcement systems
  • Instant messaging
  • Customized ability to serve your company’s unique needs.
  • Manage voicemail from anywhere
  • Optional auto-attendant and customizable hold music
  • Find-Me/Follow-Me call forwarding
    • Inbound calls to your extension can automatically be forwarded to your cell phone
  • Everything can be managed from your desktop or mobile device
  • Phone call reporting
  • Monitor the availability of other phone users
  • Conference calls
  • System setup within days if needed
  • Optimizes voice, cloud, and data traffic
  • HD voice call clarity
  • Wireless business continuity
  • Live, US-based customer support
  • US-based engineering
  • We are available as well to help with any issues!
Both phone systems have all the aforementioned features, but we’ll still work with you to choose the most compatible system for your company.

We think of our options as the commuter car vs. The SUV. The commuter car has the basics and gets the job done. You’ll save money and won’t have to sign any contracts with its month-to-month operation—say goodbye to long-term contracts! Additionally, desk phones are free and updated every three years! Meanwhile, the SUV option offers the most flexibility, bulletproof reliability, and the highest call quality, all while limiting the amount of Internet bandwidth needed.

You get to choose from different phone brands for your whole team or other departments. The SUV option does include an agreement, but you’ll find you’re set, supported, and ready to go for years to come. Again—it comes down to your company’s needs. We highly recommend both options and are glad to offer the flexibility!

Why get your new business phone system through Partners Plus?
  • We are LOCAL and will install and set up your new phone system to generate a smooth, frustration-free transition. Other vendors ship your phones with an 800 number to call when you’re in trouble… only to wait forever to talk to someone live. On the contrary, we will concierge the entire process on-site–testing your network and Internet, setting up & installing, and training your team–so your phone system transition goes seamlessly.
  • We’ll be 100% transparent with quoting and have no hidden fees guaranteed. Some phone system salespeople only quote the phone–without revealing the monthly taxes, set-up fees, and additional costs you’ll incur. Whether that’s increased bandwidth or an upgraded firewall, they’ll mislead you into thinking their phone is cheaper than it is. Once you buy with us, there won’t be any additional, unanticipated costs.
  • We’ll conduct a thorough in-person assessment. Far too many salespeople prescribe before they diagnose. We use a proprietary Phone and Communication Assessment to ensure we understand your business, current environment, how you use the phones, and your specific needs. Because of this, we prescribe the right phone system every time.

We guarantee it. If you’re a current client or sign up to be an MSP client, we’ll give you our guarantee. With our commuter car plan, it’ll be a six-month guarantee; with our SUV plan, it’ll be a 30-day guarantee! If you don’t love the switch to our business phone system within the time frame, we’ll give you 100 % money back.

Ready to schedule your free Phone and Communication Assessment? We’ll conduct an on-site assessment before you make any decisions.
  • We’ll review you…
    • Current system
    • Internet connectivity
    • Current contract to seek the possibility of early departure
    • Phone and Internet bill—we often can help clients save money by uncovering hidden, unused fees and features
  • We’ll discuss it with you…
    • What features are important to you
    • What your present challenges are with the current system
    • If you want home office extensions or just mobile solutions
    • How power and the Internet have been in office?
    • Whether you prefer live operator vs. voicemail/phone tree
  • We’ll test you…
    • Phone customer service—we’ll conduct a “secret shopper” exercise and report back with details on how your customers and prospects are being handled when they call your office.
    • Network compatibility—if you’re a current or upcoming MSP client, we are already sure of this!

At the end of this assessment, you’ll have all the answers you need to decide if it makes good business sense to upgrade your phone systems. Fill out the provided form to have the initial call to line up your Phone and Communication Assessment.

Here’s what clients have said about our Business Phone System:
P+ Provides Excellent Service

As usual, Partners Plus provided excellent service with our new phone system upgrade. We upgraded… and are very happy with our decision. They provided us with a smooth and quick transition, explained the process along the way, and ensured that we were fully prepared with our data and staff. We were able to approach Bill before our decision, and he helped us pick out our system and explained why their Business Phone System was an excellent fit for us. We looked at several different networks and are so happy with his recommendation. He also provided a hands-on demo and helped us select the best phones for our needs. We could even choose one that was compatible with all of our recently purchased new headsets.

P+ assisted us with not only every installation detail but also all of our setup details and initial training. Overall, we have saved money upgrading to a new system. It was outdated and lacked the current features needed for a more complex voicemail box setup and inter-office transferring options. However, we also got a much more secure and efficient network in return and a lower monthly cost. We have also increased our office productivity and efficiency with the new systems that Partners Plus helped tailor to fit our needs.

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We Communicate Seamlessly with P+ Business Phone System

We switched to their Business Phone System spring of 2014 and haven’t looked back! We have since added a second location and it enables us to communicate between the two seamlessly. Additionally, we can now utilize our building PA system. Partners Plus made the transition and integration hassle-free!