IT services Delaware, VoIP DelawareIf you own or manage a business of any type or size, you should consider the merits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This is an easy and fairly new means of communicating with others. Give VoIP a try; it makes the transmission of information that much more efficient and affordable. VoIP relies on the web rather than antiquated analog phone lines for communication. Your business needs the web, so you might, as well, use it for calls through VoIP. Below, IT services experts in Delaware explain the reasons why.

VoIP is Affordable

This technology is not a budget-buster. VoIP does not charge any extra fees for long distance calls. Rather, you simply pay for internet use. Make the switch to VoIP, and your business will likely save more than one-third on local calls. You will save even more on international calls. If this is not reason enough alone to make the move to VoIP, consider the additional advantages outlined below by IT services experts in Delaware:

VoIP Can Be Configured with Ease

VoIP can be configured with businesses of all types and sizes. It does not matter if your flow of business fluctuates or if you plan on growing by leaps and bounds. VoIP will be custom tailored to your organization's nuanced needs at every point in time. Additional phone lines can be installed with ease. Once an employee departs, his or her line can be switched to another user or fully removed. You simply pay for the lines your team requires, so you never pay too much or end up short on equipment.

Easy Installation

VoIP is one of the easier technologies you will find in terms of setup and use. Your system will be up and running before you know it. Establishing an IP phone is as easy as plugging it in. There is merely a phone rather than hardware, software etc. VoIP experts in Delaware can help your team segue to VoIP in as seamless of a manner as possible.

VoIP's Do Not Disturb Feature

This handy feature will make you wonder what took you so long to make the VoIP transition. This feature ensures you will not be bothered by the phone during a meeting or other important event. You will be able to communicate with those in front of you without interruption. Your calls will be sent to voicemail.

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