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What Are the People on the Dark Web Doing With ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a popular tool for online users to experience the latest public artificial intelligence. The website will allow a user to type in a question or a statement and ChatGPT will respond with a surplus of information that will relate to the topic that the user inputted. For example, a journalist needs some sources that relate to the business Staples Inc. because she is going to write about a new printer they offer and types into the ChatGPT text box “Articles that relate to the new Staples Inc. printer”. Then ChatGPT will list all of the sources about this popular new printer that Staples Inc. offers and the Staples Inc. website so, the journalist can avoid research on multiple search engines. With the amount of data that ChatGPT provides, people on the dark web could easily manipulate artificial intelligence to give them the tools necessary to commit cyber crimes.

ChatGPT could swiftly provide hackers with a lot of information about someone they plan to target in attacks like phishing, ransomware, and website spoofing. The artificial intelligence industry has gained a lot more popularity in the past decade so, more companies are going to create products and services that add to the artificial intelligence industry. Cybercriminals will not hold back on using this technology to their full advantage to target victims. A successful way that a hacker could use ChatGPT to target a victim is to replicate the spoken language of their victim to a tee and use the message to create a realistic phishing attack. Also, ChatGPT can develop code for an inexperienced hacker so, a cybercriminal does not need to know how to create malicious software.

All in all, ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence services are helpful tools to swiftly provide facts to the public. Unfortunately, cybercriminals can use it to commit cyber crimes so, now more than ever secure your network to avoid online identity theft and ransomware. Artificial intelligence can provide cyber criminals with a dialog that will sound realistic to their target victims and code to achieve website spoofing. The Partners Plus, Inc. security package is the best protection to add on to your monthly membership because, with the artificial intelligence industry on the rise, there is a greater reason to keep your network very secure. The Partners Plus, Inc. employees will keep an eye on artificial intelligence services so, we can be one step ahead of cyber criminals that utilize various cyber crime methods to protect your network!

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