In This Period of Economic Crisis,
Maybe It’s Time You Took a


at What You’re REALLY Getting for the Money
You’re Spending on IT Services and Support

“Bill’s team of IT services in Delaware is an important resource to keep our system running smoothly, and most importantly, securing the data.” — Pete R., CPA

If someone could prove to you that tens of thousands of dollars were being unintentionally “stolen” from your organization – while simultaneously exposing you to hard losses that could stack up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars – wouldn’t you want them to tell you about it?

My name is Bill Hogan, the owner of Partners Plus. Maybe you’ve heard about us from our published book in 2018, speaking engagements at seminars across the country or 30-year presence in Delaware. On the surface, we may appear to be “just another” IT firm, but what we really deliver to business owners like you is a profit-centric approach to IT. Our deliverable is efficiency, ongoing operations and security. Our approach is unique: We ensure your IT systems and investments actually drive profitable growth and shareholder value, not just “make your computers work.”

I do realize that my opening claim may seem sensational, and that you’d be tempted to throw this letter away. Maybe you think, “We’re fine,” “This only happens to other people,” or “We’re covered by our current IT provider!”

But I can assure you of this: I have never failed to find significant and preventable losses that were occurring in the companies I’ve audited – and it’s my firm belief that right now, such losses are occurring in YOUR organization. You ARE being underserved and left unprotected. If you have even a sneaking suspicion that some of this is true, at what point would it be irresponsible to be “too busy” to investigate it?

I’m so Confident in My Ability to Demonstrate
How You’re Being Underserved That I’ll Guarantee It

If I am unable to satisfactorily demonstrate how we can improve your bottom line through lower IT costs, improved efficiencies, better workflow and higher productivity, as well as reveal inadequate cyber security protections, then I’ll donate $200 to the charity of your choice. It’s that simple.

Why would I do this? Two reasons.

First, I know your time is extremely valuable and you don’t want to waste it with companies that don’t have anything of value to offer. By putting my money on the line, you can see how serious I am about making this worth your while.

Second, with the simultaneous economic and cybersecurity crisis caused by COVID-19, it’s more critical than ever to watch every penny AND bit of data. I’ve spent the last 30 years perfecting our ability to deliver efficient security- and operations-focused IT – and we’re really good at it. That’s why I simply want the opportunity to prove ourselves.

Here Are a Few of the Ways Money Is
“Unintentionally” Exiting Your Organization

Grossly Inadequate Data Back Ups and Cyber Security Protections

When a cyber-attack happens, the losses stack up and multiply. Immediately, there’s an instant loss of productivity. In the worse cases, you’re completely shut down, unable to transact, operate, and deliver promised products and services. In other cases, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars are drained directly from your accounts without any chance of recovery. Especially if your pre-existing insurance doesn’t require best practices, nor protect you when there’s an attack.

Then you have the loss of critical data, reputational damages, potential lawsuits and government fines. The epicenter of this disaster lands directly on your desk for you to deal with – a problem that WILL significantly undo your best laid plans for growth and progress.

Despite this, we have found with the majority of companies we’ve audited, they’re GROSSLY unprepared and unprotected from a ransomware attack or other major cyber security event EVEN IF they have invested heavily in IT staff and resources. Before we showed them irrefutable evidence of these inadequacies, the CEO was convinced “they’re taken care of.” A ticking time bomb they didn’t know was “live” under their seat.

Chronic IT “Glitches” And Downtime

As the saying goes, “Overhead walks on two legs.” Any CEO knows that unproductive, distracted workers not only kill profitability, but increase the chances of mistakes, missed deadlines, sloppy work and low morale. A frustrated team is not a productive one.

Yet we find that most CEOs don’t realize just how often their employees are dealing with repetitive IT problems. This is causing them to be distracted, interrupted, and kept from having productive days. Just one hour of this a day adds up when multiplied over an entire year and your entire workforce. We resolve ALL of this.

Reactive Spending, Poor Utilization and Undisciplined Planning

Many companies we’ve audited have a mishmash of patch-work technology. The entire system is awash with inefficiencies, duplicate and redundant resources and outdated technologies. Our approach is to ensure a well-crafted plan, as well as provide our Ransomware Guarantee if all our efforts still fall victim to an attack. With the guarantee, if best practices are implemented and you’re still compromised, we’ll provide free IT support.

Curious? Let’s Schedule a Brief
10-Minute Call to Discuss

The next step is simple: Fill out the form to to your right, view my availability and pick your call time. If more convenient, you may also email me at [email protected] or call us at 302-529-3700!

On this call we can discuss your unique situation, any concerns you have and, of course, answer any questions you have about us. If you feel comfortable moving ahead, the following step will be an on-site IT Systems Assessment, with or without your IT company or department. At the end of the assessment, you’ll know:

  • Where you are overpaying (or getting underserved) for the services and support you are currently getting from your current IT company or team.
  • Whether or not your systems and data are truly secured from hackers and ransomware, and where you are partially or totally exposed.
  • If your data is actually being backed up in a manner that would allow you to recover it quickly in the event of an emergency or ransomware attack.
  • Where you are unknowingly violating security best practices, putting you and your company at risk.
  • How you could lower the overall costs of IT while improving communication, security and performance, as well as the productivity of your employees.

Fresh eyes see things that others cannot – so at a minimum, our free assessment is a completely cost- and risk-free way to get a credible third-party validation of the security, stability and efficiency of your IT systems.

At the End of This Assessment, one of
Three Things Will Happen

Option One: you’ll love the action steps we discuss on-site and will begin implementing them on your own. If that’s the case, we’ll wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll keep us in mind for future projects.

Option Two: you’ll love the action steps we discuss on-site and want my team to take the lead in implementing it. If that’s the case, we’ll knock it out of the park. We’ll discuss each decision with you, educating and empowering your team along the way.

Or finally, in the unlikely event that you feel like you wasted your time and we have NOT demonstrated, to your satisfaction, how to lower your IT costs and dramatically improve your situation, we will send a check for $200 to your charity of choice, no questions asked.

Think about it: the “worst” that can happen is you get $200 to your favorite charity for having an independent, credible third party validate the security, efficiency and stability of your IT systems. To get started, fill out the form to your right to schedule the initial phone consultation.  We'll answer your questions, offer our advice, and see if you’d like to proceed. I will have my team call you in a couple of days to ensure you’ve received this letter and to discuss how you’d like to proceed.

P.S.  Not ready to meet yet? Then at least go through our checklist, “18 Critical Questions Every CEO Should Be Asking Their IT Team Right NOW” online. I’ve had numerous CEOs use this as a “pop quiz” to see IF their IT team could say “yes” to even half of what we’ve outlined here. Be prepared to be shocked. You can check it out here.

Important! We hate spam as much (or more!) than you and promise to NEVER rent, share, or abuse your e-mail address and contact information in any way.

Had My Problems Solved Within an Hour

I run a small business and had enough of my part time IT guy not getting back to me or only when [it was] convenient for him. I called Partners Plus and spoke with Bill and we had a phone/web meeting...& he had my problems and one of my employee's problems solved within an hour. Truly amazing service. I recommend Bill Hogan and Partners Plus to anyone who wants fast, competent service when you need it. Very happy to have found Partners Plus!

Douglas C., President Roofing Company

P+ is the Mercedes of IT

Bill is the Mercedes of IT. He understands what it takes to get the job done—at this point in time, [you need] some sort of higher caliber, more credentialed person doing the things that really matter. They keep you out of trouble. They keep you safe.

Rich M., President Insurance Agency

Without P+, I'm not up and running

Have always been satisfied with P+.

Bill has more than paid for his services.

I love the ability that P+ can remote into our network, its priceless.

I don't feel left behind in the crowd because he can remote in with multiple clients.

Without P+, I'm not up and running.

Bill Hogan is God.

Craig F., Owner Physical Therapy Office