IT support WilmingtonCloud computing is a favorite with IT support providers in Wilmington and for a very good reason. It can improve the speed and security of your IT infrastructure while reducing your outlay and simplifying many of your business practices.

What is Cloud Computing?

Simply put, using the cloud just means you are utilizing a bank of servers and computers that are connected to the internet as opposed to your own hardware. Traditionally, companies have carried out any work on their local computers and hard drives. With an increasingly mobile workforce, it can be advantageous to have access to files and data from anywhere, as well as taking advantage of its seemingly infinite size for storage possibilities. As long as you have internet access, you can access the cloud and all it has to offer. It is perfect if your customers or staff are spread over a wide geographical area or you would like the increased security that it can provide.

Ways to Use It to Your Advantage

IT support providers in Wilmington can recommend a number of ways in which you can take advantage of cloud computing, but these are the main ways in which many companies already benefit:

  • Data Storage and File Sharing - The cloud is a perfect place to protect and save your data for storage purposes. It's also for sharing, as any file or database that is uploaded can be accessed by your other employees at any time and from any place. This makes it an invaluable resource if any employees are traveling and need to access their own work from different locations. It also works for communicative working between employees if they do not work in the same office.
  • Data Backups - Instead of using clunky tapes or storing all your backup data on disks onsite, you can automatically backup your systems and data to the cloud. In this way, it is still accessible even if you lose any of the mobile devices or computers that your staff use, as well as being protected from tape or disk failure. It is a foolproof way of being able to restore your systems should you be affected by any sort of disaster, particularly as security can also be very strong.
  • Telephone - Imagine not being tied to an old-fashioned landline telephone system but one that can be controlled from the cloud. Any call can be routed to your staff irrespective of their location and your customers will never know the difference. All they will be aware of is how they can always contact the person they want and what good service they receive from your business as a result. It is also scalable as you never pay for telephone lines that you don’t need but can expand to add more at the touch of a button.

If you would like to know more about the cloud and what it can do for you, you need the help of an IT support company in Wilmington like Partners Plus. We can assess your company’s IT systems and give you a breakdown on how you can take advantage of the cloud. Contact us today and we can begin to save you money and time, as soon as possible.