When Switching Business Phone Systems

  1. Is your current network environment (bandwidth, firewall, router, etc.) able to handle a new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system? Will the new Business Phone System representative assess your network in order to find out?
  2. What happens if the Internet goes down with your current VoIP provider? Did your vendor have a plan set in place, such as call routing, for when it inevitably happens?
  3. Can you save money on your phone and Internet bill?
  4. Who will set up your new phone system and customize it for your company’s specific needs?
  5. What type of training will your new Business Phone System representative provide?
  6. Will they show your team how to do everything?
  7. What features are included?
  8. Does it have SMS texting?
  9. Is it compatible to work from anywhere?
  10. Financially, how much is
    • Startup?
    • Installation?
    • Any recurring fees?
    • Taxes?
    • Extra features?