Dell T440 Server Positive Review

By Published On: December 23, 2022

dell t440 server positive review

Every successful business owner uses a server to help keep their business running and they trust that the server will guarantee that their valuable data is safe and well-managed. When choosing a server for a business it’s important to look at a few factors that make some servers stand out better from the rest. A server will help protect computers that are networked together from viruses and threats and allow access to preselected employees only. If a disaster strikes the workplace than a server is an important aspect of the disaster recovery plan because they are built to run during power failures. Most companies store their data in management tools and systems that require a lot of storage space, so it’s important to choose a server that will work for a growing company.

The Dell T440 server has two power supplies which allow for the server to continue to run on the backup if the main power supply fails. While the server is running on the backup power supply the main power supply can be replaced meaning the server never needs to be turned off for maintenance. The 16 drives that are included in the Dell T440 sever can also be changed without shutting the server down. These drives are known as an enterprise draft drives and have long life spans, large amounts of storage, and are reliable.

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The Dell T440 includes a 24/7 support line, so a Dell employee will come on-site to fix the server within four hours of the server’s malfunctions. The key information about the server is easily accessible on a small sliding piece at the top of the server.

The Dell T440 includes a kit that mounts the server on a rack.

The Dell T440 includes iDRAC, which allows the server administrator to work remotely a lot easier than the other servers. Servers often store a lot of valuable information about a company so the Dell T440 server has a security lock that is great at keeping this information safe. The server has a lot of free space inside for a processor.

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All in all, the Dell T440 is a great server to choose for a growing company. The Dell T440 will protect a company from losing valuable data in the case of a disaster. Also, the server comes with more than enough storage for key business software programs. All of the devices connected to the server will stay updated so that the business isn’t breaking the HIPAA requirements. The Dell T440 server is great quality and has a lot of space to safely store data.

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