IT support Philadelphia, cloud computing PAEveryone has heard of the cloud by now, although not every business is aware that they can tap into a wealth of tech resources with IT support in Philadelphia. Many managers are also unaware they have an option to the false dilemma between private and public clouds. Here's a deeper look at the advantages of combining an IT consultant with a hybrid cloud:

Hybrid vs. Private or Public Clouds

A hybrid cloud is merely the best of both worlds provided by a private and public cloud. A private cloud is your own intranet, which is typically part of local infrastructure at your place of business. Major advantages are better privacy and control. By contrast, a public cloud usually originates from a third-party data center, in which your data exists on a shared server with other entities. Although there are privacy risks, the security is typically state-of-the-art while this cloud solution cuts maintenance and hardware costs.

Choosing a hybrid cloud solution gives you access to various cost-effective cloud-based software services. These applications can be a resource for low-cost automation and free storage for non-critical data. Your IT support team in Philadelphia can back up data to the cloud so that you can concentrate on your main business goals. They can also fix technical issues quickly and monitor your local network to fight cybercrime.

Common Hybrid Cloud Myths

  • Easy for hackers to penetrate
  • More expensive than a public or private cloud
  • Too technical to consider
  • Creates extra work for technicians
  • Won't meet regulatory compliance

These myths are mainly perpetrated by vendors who are resisting every type of cloud. But there's no reason to cling to more vulnerable old technology. In fact, that notion is much riskier than moving to any type of cloud. A hybrid solution allows you to accomplish the following:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage scalability
  • Better security through virtual servers
  • Flexible computing and collaboration options
  • Ability to move large amounts of data

Furthermore, the combination of a private and public cloud with IT outsourcing cuts costs and empowers your business to just pay for what it needs. You'll be saving money on energy, equipment, staff, applications, storage, and more. Your private network can house all your confidential data and activity, while your public cloud gives you access to more affordable services for less critical needs.


Blending IT support in Philadelphia with hybrid cloud computing can advance your business beyond your goals. This solution gives you access to valuable resources that can make your company more valuable to customers. Contact us at Partners Plus, Inc. to learn more about how we can increase your business efficiency and productivity through cloud computing solutions in PA.