Bill Hogan, President

Back in the early 1990s I realized how badly businesses needed a support company that knew what they were doing and looked at partnering with their clients to give them an exceptional value added relationship.

This relationship wouldn’t be based on being the mechanic who runs around fixing broken things, but rather would focus on preventing the things from breaking in the first place. I did this because I appreciated how frustrating it is for companies to have outages that affect their relationships with their customers and employee morale – not to mention the costs associated with staff who can’t work. To that end, our focus is on being proactive, education focused (both for ourselves and our clients) and being both friendly and efficient in addressing issues to help you minimize downtime and improve productivity.

Our team approach starts with a real person answering the phone and moves into a friendly, professional environment focused on addressing the challenge and resolving it as quickly and painlessly as possible (while minimizing the impact of both the problem and the solution).