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Fed up with slow applications, outdated email, and insecure practices? Our FREE Cybersecurity Audit provides a road map for how to get your network up to speed, as well as running securely.

“I just want the darn thing to work the way they are supposed to!” Have you ever said that about your computer or network? If so, we can make that a reality without breaking your budget. As an interested prospect, we want to give you a FREE Cybersecurity Audit to:

  • Diagnose any ongoing problems or concerns you are currently experiencing with your network.
  • Verify the integrity of your data backups
  • Look for hidden viruses, spyware, and loopholes in your network security that could allow hackers and viruses to compromise your network’s confidential information.
  • Review your server logs to uncover developing problems and conflicts that will turn into unexpected downtime.
  • Answer your questions about upgrades, adding new equipment, remote access, or any other project you have in mind.

Valued at $495, this offer is a no-brainer. We will come on-site, tour your office, and listen to your pain points. We won’t leave until we are confident we have enough context to provide the best recommendations moving forward. Fill out the form now to get on Bill’s schedule!

P+ has a calm, professional, and thorough approach

P+ Network Audits provide you with an eye-wide open road map of where you are so you can navigate the course ahead and make it a smooth ride.

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