IT services DelawareIT services in Delaware are going to save you tens of thousands a year compared to having internal IT solutions. There are many reasons people prefer that their IT be facilitated through some internal solution, but this is usually going to cost more. Firstly, if you are going to find a qualified IT person, expect to pay between $3,000 and $10,000 a month for a single 40-hour-per-week tech specialist.

You are not likely to find a full-time specialist for $3k, but it is not without the realm of possibility. Still, even then, you are only getting coverage for 25% of the week. It may be the busiest 9-to-5 period from Monday to Friday, but your technology in today's world needs 24/7 support. That means you would need 4.2 and $36,000, minimum, to cover the week perpetually. You would probably want to round it out at a solid five just so you are fully covered, and even then, you are going to pay overtime incidentally. Now, you are conservatively looking at $180,000 in wages before benefits, insurance, and other collateral expenses involved with hiring employees internally.

Meanwhile, if you spent $5k a month on outsourced IT, for 33% of the cost, you get 24/7support. The service is scalable and includes greater expertise. IT services in Delaware through an MSP will additionally be abreast of new developments characterizing the industry. Internal support solutions will be too busy playing catch-up and maintaining systems to have much of an edge on developing tech. In addition, you have holidays to consider. An external MSP functions at a fixed rate (provided you get fixed-rate support), so there will not be extra charges for Halloween, as an example. When many techs will ask for time off, as will many employees, your IT support will remain. If an issue arises, you do not have to deal with a spooky Halloween "trick" fostered through Murphy's Law. You can trust in safe operational egress.

More Businesses are Using MSP Solutions More than Ever

This becomes additionally compelling when you consider businesses are increasingly outsourcing MSP solutions. Outsourced IT is flourishing. Cloud computing, IoT, and edge computing are all beginning to redefine the industry. All of these are effectively facilitated through an outsourced tech solution. Additionally, you are likely to experience more security.

As additional tech innovations develop, additional strengths and weaknesses will naturally silhouette them. With IoT, there are exceptional vulnerabilities, though these are counterbalanced by the operational advantage offered through the innovation.

You will want support for security options available as quickly as possible. You never know when your business will become the target of some cybercriminal. With outsourced support, you will get continuous monitoring and the latest patches available. So to condense, advantages of outsourced support include:

  • Reduced expense
  • Increased security
  • Access to cutting-edge tech
  • 24/7 support
  • Overtime cost elimination
  • Fixed-rate support
  • Competitive expansion

Competitive expansion comes from being able to get better services more cheaply than competitors.

Optimizing Your Operations

IT services in Delaware through Partners Plus, Inc. can cut your costs while upping security and cutting-edge solutions. You will get continuous support at a fixed-rate and will likely become more competitive as a result. Contact us to optimize your operation.