A phishing attack is a cyber criminal who sends a counterfeit message with a link that resembles a reputable companies website. The cyber criminal hopes that the victim will input their personal information like account numbers, address, and internet passwords so, they can steal the victim’s identity to use online or in person. A warning sign to look for that a message could be a phishing attack is a sense of urgency in the heading or message. Another warning sign are spelling errors because reputable companies have staff members who double check that the companies messages are high quality. Also, a warning sign is an email domain that does not match the reputable companies that the cyber criminal claims the message is being sent from.  

For example, a client needs to pay a few thousand dollars to a company they are a member at and a cyber criminal gets ahold of this information. The cyber criminal emails him using an email similar to companies but changes the “o” to a “0” so, he does not expect fraud. The email includes a message that says the balance is due and a link to a counterfeit website that asks for things like login, password, and bank information.  

A good way to handle a phishing attack is to instantly change the password to the account the phishing attack is about. Another way to handle a phishing attack is to use multi-factor authentication because a cyber criminal cannot access your account if they do not have access to your cell phone or email account.  Also, if you did provide your information without knowing it was a phishing attack and had money or your identity stolen from you report it to law enforcement.   

The members at Partners Plus, Inc. will receive expert recommendations about how to prevent themselves from being a victim of a phishing attack and a good way to handle a phishing attack if they become a victim. All in all, do not open suspicious messages that could lead to your identity being stolen and if you do become a victim of a phishing attack change your passwords.  

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