IT Support PhiladelphiaEvery business, whether large or small, needs an IT support provider to keep their internet presence accessible. IT support companies in Philadelphia consistently tackle the challenges from constantly changing threats from hackers to hardware.

But, how do you choose an IT provider in Philadelphia or any other city? There are so many choices, and the wrong decision can leave you with dangerous downtime that can cost you sales and alienate customers. Here are some pointers to keep in mind.

What Should IT Support in Philadelphia Do for You?

The nature of IT support is to deal with routine panic. Often, people are never concerned with their company’s IT unless it’s an emergency, usually because everything runs well enough that you don’t even think about it. So, if you do make changes, such as in your web host, or have an emergency, you suddenly realize you need a local IT company that can take care of every aspect of your IT so you can focus on your business. Some of the services to look for include:

  • Experience
  • Uptime
  • Percentage of full-time employees
  • Multiple contact venues
  • On-site help
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Backup systems

Where can you find Experienced IT Services?

When you are looking for small business IT solutions, consider the age of the service provider. You may think that a brand new company will be eager to please. It should have fresh faces ready to tackle any problem you have, right?

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. For dependable IT support in Philadelphia, look for a service provider that has dealt with problems that can cost you money and shut down your site. That means they’ve dealt with emergencies before and learned how important it is to react quickly and call in reinforcements. They will value your business and reduce downtime.

Small Business IT Solutions

Look for small business IT solutions with a good record for uptime. 98% to 99% is not too much to ask for from your IT service, as they should have multiple servers to carry the loads when maintenance is being done.

This will help you compete with nationally supported companies. Having outstanding IT computer support is essential so that you can focus on making your business the best it can be! Both potential and returning customers will expect you to be reliable, which your IT support company can ensure.

Save Money with IT Consulting in Philadelphia

Website and POS downtime is costly. You can’t serve your customers, they can’t find what they want on your website, and you can’t process their purchases online or in the store. Those losses can’t be recovered and often result in disgruntled customers.

This is why you need an IT consulting firm in Philadelphia that has full-time employees. Having full-time staff reduces downtime in the office, making everything run more smoothly. You are also able to build relationships with these staff members, which allows them to be familiar with your company and your network.

With Partners Plus, you truly have a partner to protect your network. We can spot problems and potential dangers, improving your network. This can increase productivity and make it easier and more intuitive for your customers to navigate as they shop.

Computer Support

On-site service from IT support companies can cost you hundreds of dollars per hour. If you already have a contract with a service, you can save thousands of dollars every year. In-office repairs, software installation, and hardware maintenance from the same IT service that handles your network means you have more intelligent service, often at a lower price.

IT Support in Camden

IT support in Camden and Philadelphia should also include 24/7 service and monitoring. You need access to service at all times, and your network needs constant surveillance and defense against malware and viruses. Call us at Partners Plus and select an IT package that suits your company’s needs.



Bill Hogan is the Owner and President of Partners Plus. He has over 37 years of experience in the tech industry, specifically IT network consulting for small and medium-sized businesses. Bill has spoken at seminars all over the country and published his latest book in 2018. Partners Plus has been selected by PHL17 as the best Computer and IT Support Company in the greater Philadelphia area.