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It seems like every day, there is fresh news of a corporate security failure. A server hacked here, an email service compromised there, a senior executive embarrassed, millions of customer records for sale in the ‘darknet’, etc. The last thing you need is the headache of having to explain to the board how and why it happened. Fortunately, there is a powerful family of security tools you can utilize with a reliable IT support provider in Philadelphia.

The Good Old Days

In the ‘good old days’, IT security was largely a matter of keeping tabs on the movement of employees and guests, securing logins, and tracking assets. In principle, these are still important components in corporate IT security. Formal tools and methods back this up with firewalls, encryption, and a variety of modern replacements for the lowly simple password helping to keep the digital villains at bay.

Today’s Overwhelming Threat

Installing off-the-shelf tools and platforms from vendors cannot be the end-all of security. Computer vulnerabilities, exploits, and penetrations are developing too rapidly. Software and hardware vendors are typically behind the curve, delivering patches late or, worse, sometimes never.

Threat Detection and Response to the Rescue

To counter the nature of the threat today, a new paradigm is needed. Briefly, threat detection and response (TDR) is a sophisticated system for automating and monitoring the detection of suspicious activity and threats within the on-going flows of data and implementing immediate methods of countering that suspicious or threatening activity. Unlike, say, firewalls and antivirus systems, it is not simply pre-programmed to recognize and respond to known agents and threats.

TDR solutions utilize software programs located at discrete endpoints within your systems and networks. Those programs or agents capture data that is then fed back to centralized management platforms.

The management platform monitors the shape and nature of the data that it receives to build an overall picture of activity on your systems. Building up bigger and bigger data, which is then analyzed, the platform uses a variety of approaches for recognizing unusual activity.

Identified or suspected threats can be addressed through automatic means to mitigate the threats. Any anomalous or risky activity triggers alerts, which are fed to your IT support team in Philadelphia.

While the platform responds automatically to certain levels of threats, the alerts trigger a response from the security team, which can take steps to:

  • Validate any threat, eliminating false positives
  • Undertake further analysis of captured data
  • Implement further responses

The biggest gains from TDR platforms come from the increasingly sophisticated picture built up using big data analysis and deep understanding of the typical activities found on your systems.

Security team responses can be accelerated and made even more accurate and timely, and they can be used to develop a policy for further hardening the enterprise. Because of the enlightening nature of the data captured and reported from the TDR platform, the security team develops increasing skill at dealing with threats.

TDR has become such a complex subject today that it would be difficult to provide a truly in-depth picture here. Suffice to say that there are huge benefits for IT support in Philadelphia. Partners Plus, Inc., can help guide you into the world of TDR. For more information, contact us today.