If you still aren’t on the two-monitor train yet, allow us to try and convince you!  It may seem redundant and an unnecessary waste of money to have two monitors when you already have one. We get that! But there’s research to show it’s worth it.

Having two monitors allows you to perform tasks much quicker and more efficiently. It has even been proven to increase productivity by 40+%, according to a survey by Jon Peddie Research.

How can such a simple change increase productivity so much?

This productivity increase comes from decreasing the amount of time required to complete tasks that require multiple windows. Some examples of these tasks are:

  • Comparing data
  • Monitoring email while completing other tasks
  • Comparing original material to updates
  • Leaving a chat window open while working
  • Spreading large data files across two monitors to view the entire report
  • Entering data from a file or email into another platform
  • Viewing/taking notes while on online meetings or webinars
  • Sharing one screen remotely while keeping the other private

Increasing productivity sounds great, but what does that increase do for you financially? Let’s figure out how much money this increased productivity could potentially save you.

“A quality monitor can run in the neighborhood of $160 – $250. So, let’s say that you get a higher-end display for $250.

Now, let’s factor in productivity savings that are similar to one in a Dell study at 38%.

You have an employee making $20 per hour and working 40 hours per week. If they get a 38% productivity boost, that would equate to $304 per week in additional productivity. So, you end up with a payback in less than a week and an ongoing return on the investment of over $1,200 per month in efficiency boost.”

When spending a couple of hundred dollars on a second monitor for each of your employees resulting in a minimum savings of $1,200/month/employee, what’s stopping you?

This office setup isn’t just for looks–it helps you stay organized, efficient, and productive. For our monitor recommendations, contact us today!

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