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Change can be daunting for many. When it comes to technology, you need an IT service provider who is able to adapt to your business’s evolving needs. They need to be one step ahead in technology trends so that your business stays competitive.

Unfortunately, many business owners are unaware of their provider’s shortcomings. When you have been with the same IT provider for years, it can be difficult to notice the flaws in their services.

That is why we are sharing six signs it is time to switch IT companies, to help you identify the red flags that may show it’s time for a change.

Your downtime is growing.

Occasional interruption is mandatory with technology, but when working with MSP services (managed services provider), you should not be experiencing increasing rounds of downtime.

If your IT company can’t provide you with a proper explanation as to why your downtime is increasing, they either don’t know how to manage their business properly or do not care about your business

Slow response time

When things happen, you need peace of mind that someone is there to handle the situation. Ticket response time is incredibly important. If your IT service provider is slow in responding to every ticket they receive, it costs you valuable time and money.

You need to be assured that your problems are being addressed in a timely manner, and if not, there should be clear communication about the issue at hand and the solution.

Problems keep reoccurring

Yes, some issues may take a few attempts to solve. But if the same problems keep resurfacing and disrupt your business’s productivity, this is a big red flag. You need to know that problems are being addressed and that your business technology is functional and secure.

If you constantly question whether things are fixed properly and find yourself with the same problem repeatedly, then you have a huge issue at hand.

They are not proactive.

The best IT companies are proactive and can provide reports showing what they have done and how it will affect your productivity.

Proactive work includes an in-depth analysis to identify trends to highlight the root cause of recurring problems and problems before they arise. It also requires maintenance and monitoring to identify the signs of problems developing before they disrupt your productivity.

You should not be hearing from your IT service provider only when a problem arises.

They don’t understand your business.

It is crucial that you work with an IT service provider familiar with your business sector. They should be an expert in your industry with solid experience in providing technology services to businesses like yours.

Your IT partner needs to understand how your industry works, your business’s unique pressures and requirements, and the challenges and trends that may affect your business.

If your IT service provider has a more generalist approach, they can manage daily requests such as cloud computing and computer repair. They won’t be able to handle more complex problems like policy compliance and operational regulations.

Your business is not cyber secure.

Cyber security is very important. The growing rate of cyber-crimes has never been more evident. Criminals are always finding new methods to hack businesses, so your IT service provider should be one step ahead of them to protect your business.

Your IT company should recommend advanced IT security solutions to block spam emails, snooping, phishing attacks, viruses, network intrusion, malware, denial of service attacks, and much more.

They should provide you with a comprehensive cyber security plan to safeguard all areas of your business. If they haven’t done so, you are dealing with a massive problem.

Final thoughts

If you have read the six signs above and decided that it is time to change IT companies, Partners Plus is a good option. We offer everything you need in an IT service company.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you, contact us today.

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