With all the different computer consultants in the area competing for your business, it can be hard to discern exactly what to expect from your IT Support Company. To help, we put together this list of services your IT consultant should be providing regularly for you!

The following things should be checked and provided to you on a monthly basis:

  • An analysis of your network’s uptime
  • Your Anti-Virus health and alerts
  • The status of your backups
  • The health of both your servers and your workstations
  • Power and temperature in your server room(s)
  • Internet connection, reliability, and speed

In addition to these monthly preventative maintenance practices, your IT support company should also be providing you with a more in-depth report once quarterly.

Some things your computer consultant’s report should include are:

  • How much work they have done on your network during this period
  • How protected your browsing is from reaching dangerous sites
  • The security of your remote access
  • The security of your Wi-Fi
  • Internet reliability
  • Results of an external vulnerability scan
  • Overall security review

If your IT support company is not doing any or all of these things for you on a regular basis, it is probably time to look for a new computer consultant for your business. Unfortunately, many IT consultants claim to do these things regularly but never provide the results in the form of a report for you to read and understand. That information is only valuable to you if you have access to it and can hold your IT support company accountable! At Partners Plus, we understand how valuable your business is to you, and we want you to have access to all of the information we have so that you can make your business the best it can be!