IT services DelawareA data breach is one of the worst things that can happen to any business, whether big or small. Security breaches have been an issue for many businesses. IT services experts in Delaware warn that this trend will continue to increase if the concerned parties are doing nothing about it. The truth is that a data breach can happen to just any company. Accepting this reality will put you in a position to think about the remedies. Once the breach has occurred, you will not just sit back and surrender. Certain actions must be taken to seal the loopholes and prevent further damage.

Here are seven steps you should take after a data breach:

1. Change Your Passwords Immediately

Immediately a data breach occurs, or if you suspect that a breach has taken place, lock all credentials or change the passwords. Most data breaches are because of compromised credentials and passwords; thus, this measure should apply to any account associated whether the breach is confirmed or just a mere speculation. Talking from a personal level, you should also change your password of an account you have with a company that has suffered a data breach.

2. Confirm That the Breach Has Actually Occurred

Beware of opportunistic people who take advantage of the possibility of a data breach happening to get unsuspecting users into handing over their credentials and passwords. If you get any links via email, requesting you to update your passwords, first confirm whether the breach has occurred by visiting the website of the company or making an actual call to the headquarters. Do not respond to any email requesting you to confirm your personal information. It could be a fraudster, preying on unsuspecting users when a breach has actually not taken place. IT services experts in Delaware advise that you verify first and confirm that the breach has occurred.

3. Request for a New Card

If a data breach happens to a company that gave you a card, such as a financial institution, immediately have them cancel it and issue you a new one. This renders the old card number useless and unusable, making your finances secure.

4. Credit Card Freezing

In the event of a breach, use a security freeze where you restrict access to personal credit reports. This will make it hard for identity thieves to open an account in your name.

5. Credit Monitoring

Immediately sign up for credit monitoring if a data breach occurs or your account information is compromised.

6. Regain Control of the Affected Accounts

If one of your accounts has been hacked, you need to do something about your other accounts that use the same credential because they, too, are no longer safe.

7. Take the Breach as a Lesson

If you or your business undergoes a data breach, try finding out what the loopholes were and seal them as a precautionary measure. Learn from the incident for the future security of your data.

In addition, you must instill the habit of monitoring your data from time to time. For enhanced security, reach out to an IT services provider in Delaware. Partners Plus, Inc. is an IT provider that offers data security and other IT services. Contact us now and let us help you curb data breaches.