IT services DelawareMobile device management (MDM) is one of the many IT services in Delaware that managed service providers (MSPs) offer. It deals with the deployment, monitoring, securing, and managing mobile devices, desktops, and laptops. With mobile security threats on the rise, it is advisable for businesses to have an MDM strategy in place. The management of these devices may be a bit difficult, and that is why most enterprises have resulted in using MDM platforms.

To be clear, MDM software has to do with everything the administrators use to monitor, manage, and secure their remote workforce. When implementing a BYOD work environment, MDM must be put into perspective. An MDM platform comes with many benefits including:

Management and Security Tools

A good MDM platform includes a full suite of security and management tools for any device whether belonging to the company or individual employees. In addition, it should foster productivity as well as maintain compliance.

Managing Devices Easily

With an MDM platform, you can monitor and manage devices easily. You can update firmware security patches and make any needed updates remotely in a matter of minutes. This means that you can remotely disable, remove, or quarantine unauthorized users and apps and thus keeping your data secure.

Keeping Data and Apps Secure

An MDM platform ensures that all your software, systems and other IT services in Delaware are updated. This is not just for the protection of your data, but it also ensures that you remain compliant with government regulations.

Managing BYOD with MDM

Businesses are increasingly embracing the BYOD policy which has been known to save costs and boost productivity. An MDM platform allows segmentation and containerization of these devices ensuring corporate security and device management. Even in cases when an employee leaves, the administrator can remotely wipe out all the corporate information on the device owned by that employee.

Automated Device Registration

With an MDM platform, you can automatically register new devices remotely. This automatically saves time and the IT department does not necessarily need to be involved in the setup process.

Device Monitoring

Apart from the management benefits, once you have an MDM platform, you no longer have to worry about the security of your data. There is proactive monitoring for malware and any other possible threat.

Companies should take advantage of MDM to make their remote or mobile work environment safer. It is a sure way of protecting the most valuable asset in your company, which is data. To learn more about mobile device management, contact us at Partners Plus, Inc. Our IT expert will be ready to offer you the help you need about MDM and other IT services in Delaware.