IT services DelawareOffice 365 is a Microsoft subscription that has simplified business operations and IT services in Delaware. It enables a business to access office applications, online productivity services, and other business services such as hosted email, web conferencing, and online storage. You have probably heard about it through your employees and even looked at some of its tools and features. If you are still undecided whether office 365 could be a solution for your business, the simple answer is yes. Office 365 connects employees in an efficient way. It is the driving force behind the smooth running of any business.

If you have not yet upgraded to Office 365, here are very compelling reasons to do so:

A Full Suite of Tools You are Already Familiar With

Office 365 seamlessly connects with the programs and tools that you are already familiar with such as outlook, publisher, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, OneNote. You will still get the same great features that you have been relying on. With the online MS Office suite, employees can share, edit instantly, review, and comment in real-time.

Working on the Cloud

Apart from all the on-premises tools on office 365, another benefit is its accessibility through the cloud. This could be very convenient for you given all the benefits that the cloud offers including data security, cost and time saving and disaster recovery among many others. You will not worry about hardware installation and maintenance costs anymore. In addition, your systems and networks will be monitored 24/7.

You Can Work from Anywhere at Any Time

The more reason why IT services providers in Delaware recommend Office 365 is the ability to work from anywhere. Users can access their emails, documents, contacts, and calendars from anywhere because Office 365 is compatible with almost all mobile devices. All you need is an internet connection and you will be good to go.

Easy Migration

Some companies may still be using outdated versions of platforms because they fear the process of moving their data to a different database or destination. The truth is that migrating to Office 365 is very easy. What is more is that once you move, never again will you need to move your data because it will have updated itself automatically as a Microsoft product.

Office 365 is the ultimate solution and it is what your business needs. You will soon witness increased productivity and better collaboration. If you want to learn more about how Office 365 can benefit you or any other IT services in Delaware, contact us at Partners Plus, Inc. Our experts will be ready to assist with your queries.