IT services DelawareIT services in Delaware are now becoming fundamental to businesses of all sizes. Data backup to be precise is a crucial function that has small and midsized businesses worrying. Losing data, especially confidential customer data can be quite catastrophic. Research has shown that most companies that suffer a data breach never recover from the incident.

To guard your data, you must have in place a backup and disaster recovery plan and a good strategy for business continuity. Of course, this is besides keeping your hardware and software functioning properly. It has been proven that most data loss incidents are actually caused by human error. An employee could innocently mess with the system. On the other hand, using weak and predictable passwords like ‘abcd’ or ‘1234’ can render your entire network vulnerable.

Most business owners understand the importance of data backup but on a quest to do the same they end up doing the following mistakes:

  • Backing up to a shared network such as Windows
  • Failing to monitor and manage their existing backup
  • Creating backup on a direct external hard drive on the server
  • Having backup without a business continuity or disaster recovery plan

Risks Associated with Data Loss

Data loss is a nightmare that businesses do not wish to encounter. Depending on how useful that data is for conducting the daily business operations, failure to access it then means that no business goes on. Data loss may be because of hardware failure, cyberattacks, network connectivity, ransomware, or even human error. The best thing to do is have a backup strategy with which you can restore your data and continue with normal operations regardless of whatever disaster at hand.

Proactive Data Backup

Most SMBs never take the issue of data backup seriously. They just wait till hit by a disaster to put measures in place. IT services providers in Delaware advice on taking proactive measures. Have strong backup policies such that in an event where a cybercriminal gets hold of your data you will still have a copy of it in an offsite location.

What is the Best Backup Strategy?

To be on the safe side, it is best to store your data on a second server on-premise as well as on an off-site location. The second on-premises server will come in handy in case of hardware failure and human error. The off-site backup helps in cases of disasters such as floods and fire.

IT services in Delaware do not cost much and it is better to be safe than sorry. Take proactive measures today and maintain business continuity. For more information on best backup practices, contact us at Partners Plus Inc.