IT services DelawareIT services providers in Delaware can help you attain proper security defenses in the face of a malware scourge that increases on itself at seemingly exponential intervals. If you're not familiar with ransomware, it is either a phishing scam or some other means of intrusion that locks a computer system under encryption for a fee, which is usually a bitcoin in value. If you don't pay up in time, many ransomware programs will actually delete all of your data. If that's not bad enough, consider that between 2014 and 2016, ransomware incursions have risen 600% and have continued this upward trend throughout 2017. Beyond business threats, it's getting to the point where those using a conventional computer are essentially rolling the dice every time they boot up their machine. Virus protection and spam deflection solutions are essential today. Thankfully, there are solutions when it comes to acquiring them.

If you still think this isn't worth your time, consider that RaaS, or Ransomware as a Service, is becoming an end in and of itself. Cybercrime is expected to top $6 trillion dollars by 2021. That's 6,000 multiplied by a billion. It's more than a quarter of the US debt, for goodness sake! You know what cybercrime is today? It's a worldwide global blackhat industry that employs thousands and affects millions. Certainly, ransomware isn't the only cybercriminal enterprise out there, but it's certainly a big one.

An IT services provider in Delaware can help you prevent this prescient threat in these ways:

  • Employee Education
  • Regular System Backups And Recovery Strategies
  • Network Monitoring And Antivirus Software Solutions

Employee Education

One of your greatest security threats will be uneducated employees interfacing with the web and not employing secure practices. In a word, accidents. A lot of these can be simply prevented by bringing in tech support personnel and having them educate staff. Conversely, you can acquire materials and make training mandatory. It's wise to let your employees know the risks they pose through irresponsible computer use.

Regular System Backups And Recovery Strategies

Cloud computing makes instantaneous backup and recovery possible. In terms of recovery, you can mirror your data network through the cloud so it can be used while the primary system is brought back online. This system of backups and recovery is called BDR (Backup and Data Recovery). Most MSPs offer this.

Network Monitoring And Antivirus Software Solutions

The right MSPs have the ability to monitor operations continuously and provide the latest in antivirus solutions. This means a trend that is problematic can be identified and resolved before it has a chance to crash your system.

Safeguarding Your Business

IT services in Delaware through Partners Plus, Inc. can provide you IT security solutions that safeguard your systems against prescient threats, like ransomware. Contact us now for the latest in monitoring, education, antivirus, and BDR. Having such services will make your business more sustainable and will save you money in the long run.