IT services DelawareThere is a lot of news and hype about cybersecurity, data protection, and backups, but what are the practical implications of all these for small businesses? Despite some perspectives that data breaches and cyber-attacks only hit large companies, small businesses are actually equally if not more susceptible to data breaches. Data protection is an absolute must for every business making use of IT and storing any confidential information. IT services companies in Delaware can provide you with expert cybersecurity consulting services to make sure that your business data and network is properly protected.

Identifying Data that Needs to be Protected

In the course of your business dealings, you probably handle a lot of different types of data. Depending on what industry you are in, this may include customer account information, supplier account information, employee records, financial records, business performance data, and product and service details.

In most cases of cyberattacks, hackers target sensitive information to financially exploit you or the owners of the data. To determine what data you need protected and stored in a safe backup, you must decide what information your business needs going forward and for how long that information is relevant. One of the traps many businesses fall into is backing up every bit of data they handle. This can drive up your storage costs unnecessarily. It is important to evaluate what is stored, for how long, and what the implications of holding such data may be. Data compliance regulations are also a vital consideration.

Developing an Effective Data Protection Strategy

There are many different measures that need to be incorporated into your data protection strategy. IT services providers in Delaware can help you come up with a great strategy, implement it, and keep it updated.

Some of the things you need to think about include how much data you need to store and where you are going to store it. Having multiple storage locations is a good idea and including an offsite location such as the cloud can be a helpful safeguard. The cost of backing data needs to be managed with this in mind.

You also need to consider the security of your backups, how often backup is done, and whether it is done manually or automatically. You also need to work on access management to make sure you restrict who can access your data storage locations.

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