IT services DelawareIT services providers in Delaware provide technology services to businesses to help them expand their operations in a competitive and efficient way. Tech innovation is on the rise and there are many positive economic benefits. However, as technology fixes problems, it also creates them. New innovations come with new vulnerabilities, many of which aren't discovered until a cybercriminal exploits them, and as technology has grown, so has cybercrime.

A Growing Industry

Currently, cybercrime represents a booming industry expected to have a $6 trillion impact by 2021. Small businesses aren't immune to this scourge, as reduced resources make them prime targets. Your business needs a good defense, regardless of the size, scope, or concentration of your business. Information is king in today's world, and those who know how to exploit technology can make it profit them one way or another. Healthcare records can be hacked, facilitating identity theft. Shipping avenues can be hacked and routes reconfigured through competitive espionage. One-of-a-kind startups exist in the cybercriminal world as they do in legitimate realms.

Weathering the Storm

Black-hat and white-hat tactics aren’t always equally matched, but they do develop parallel to one another in many ways. Thankfully, this means there are methods to anticipate likely vulnerabilities and safeguard against them. The key is to find an IT services provider in Delaware that offers your firm flexible solutions to keep threats at bay. Several strategies include:

  • Keeping firewalls updated - An IT service provider can help keep your firewalls up-to-date. As innovations alter the operational landscape, older firewalls become irrelevant. Cybercriminal operations constantly work to overcome each advance in security, so you must keep yours as up-to-date as possible. An MSP can do this for you with greater ease than internal solutions.
  • Updating anti-malware/antivirus protocols - New viruses and malware programs are developed daily. If you want to stay ahead of them, you want your security protocols directly from the conduit of the latest protections. MSPs remain contemporary here, so they are instrumental in helping you properly safeguard.
  • Ensuring patches are automatically applied - In 2017, WannaCry affected businesses in over 150 countries. It entered through a built-in vulnerability, designed as a surveillance window by the NSA. When this vulnerability was outed, patches were quickly deployed. Businesses who installed them weren't affected, but those who didn't, faced the consequences.
  • Instituting proactive security - Security must proactively search for threats. Some of the most common ones are characterized by anomalous behavior. The right MSP can monitor your operations and catch intruders before anything is impacted.
  • Appropriate backup and data recovery - You need redundant backup support solutions as well as trustworthy recovery options. Through cloud computing, MSPs can institute these with reliability, saving you the cost of cumbersome internal backup options.

IT services in Delaware through Partners Plus can help you weather cyclical cybercriminal storms waiting to knock unsuspecting businesses off course. We can backup, proactively secure, patch, and update your systems against known as well as emergent threats. Contact us to safeguard your company.