IT services Delaware, VoIP DelawareIT services providers in Delaware can help you recover your systems in the event of a disaster. But such solutions will only help you if you're employing proper coverage strategy. For example, if you only cover core network operations, what happens if telephones go offline? You're out of luck if you're using a landline and a storm takes them out. Plus, landlines are expensive--many have been out-done by VoIP, which provides the same utility for a much-diminished price.

The thing is, many will get VoIP solutions from a different provider than those who provide their tech support. Your first step in creating a sustainable system is to correct this. VoIP and tech provided through the same MSP will diminish complication during a disaster and can help ensure continued operation even as your team works to restore normalcy on the back-end. With this in mind, here are some considerations when it comes to securing your VoIP:

  • Ensure VoIP Systems Are Monitored
  • Choose The Right VoIP Provider
  • Install A Backup Broadband Line If You Haven't
  • Institute Mobile Call Forwarding Solutions
  • Test Your VoIP System--Do Emergency Drills


The right IT services provider in Delaware will provide tools for VoIP monitoring. This is necessary for a number of reasons. Consider hackers, for instance. There are a group of scammers whose primary target is people who aren't savvy with technology. Basically, they'll call people and tell them that the IRS hasn't been paid and the only way for them to get this fixed is to follow their instructions. Falling prey to this kind of scam could be devastating for your business. Monitoring can help safeguard your VoIP system so nothing compromises it in a way which restricts customers from contacting you.

The Right Provider

You want to combine tech and VoIP solutions for greatest effectiveness if at all possible. Not only is it much simpler both on paper and in practice, it could end up costing much less than hiring two separate companies.

Backup Broadband Lines

Have more than one available broadband line just in case your primary line goes down. Again, working through your MSP makes the most sense here.

Mobile Call Forwarding

Through VoIP, calls can be routed directly to cellular devices. This can be a great way to overcome a shut-down or other emergency event. That said, it's good to have the backup broadband as well; especially if the physical location of your building is in an area where coverage can be spotty.

Testing The System

Once you have everything in place, you need to conduct a worst-case-scenario test to see how your solutions work. Ideally, everything will go as planned; but if it doesn't, then thank goodness you did the test! MSPs can be instrumental in helping you get the backup details and testing practices correct.

Securing VoIP Solutions

IT services in Delaware through Partners Plus, Inc. can help you get the best available VoIP and ensure that whatever assails your company, operations will remain in place, and you can be contacted by prospective as well as existing clients. Contact us to safeguard your VoIP solutions before disaster strikes.