IT services DelawareGet an operational edge this Thanksgiving— IT services providers in Delaware offer more advantages than many would have thought possible in years past. Remember Star Trek? When Captain Kirk kicking alien baddies in the chest and teleporting away with all the attractive green ladies? Remember the communicators? That's what, in the sixties, people thought the future would look like.

Well, we don't have spaceships that travel near lightspeed or the ability to transport people atomically; but we have overcome Star Trek exponentially in terms of mobile communication. It's actually gotten to the point where you can do much more than simply communicate instantaneously across the world. Through cloud computing, it's now possible to operate your entire business remotely.

If you haven't made the mobile device upgrade, you could be leaving money on the table. Thanksgiving is like the opening of the holiday shopping floodgates. Black Friday is swiftly followed by Cyber Monday. If you can optimize your business for mobile egress before then, you can cut certain infrastructural costs, devote that money to marketing, and better enable--and liberate--your employees; this will likely yield productivity. The catch comes in managing mobile devices, but thankfully, Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is there to help you make the switch and keep things profitable. Five MDM advantages include:

  • Giving your workers greater visibility
  • Policy enforcement and data theft protection
  • Retrieval of data and operations examination
  • Always having professionals available for consultation
  • Easy device enrollment, app Installation, policy update and user expansion visibility

IT services providers in Delaware can make it possible for you to proactively and cohesively monitor all remote employees. There are different MDM solutions here; it's advisable to work with an MSP to get the best option for your business.

Policy Enforcement and Data Theft Protection

Think of MDM as the over-riding control software of your mobile devices. Certain policies for security can be put in place that restricts certain downloads, uploads or other access. This restricts malware from compromising the overall network or the device. Additionally, data can be continuously backed up against theft or other loss.

Data Retrieval and Operations Examination

This was just mentioned, but MDM can ensure no data is ever lost. If there is an operational issue with the device, it can be explored remotely by professionals. Errors can be fixed, anomalies noted, and viruses excised--provided excision is in any way possible, of course.


With an outsourced MSP solution providing MDM, you'll always have dedicated professionals available when you need them. Internal solutions don't have such a comprehensive scope, and so, answers take longer to arrive. With MDM, instantaneous service is core to their provision.

Enrollment, Apps, Policies, Expansion

With MDM, you can get devices enrolled in conjunction with proper security, consolidate apps across a mobile network, ensure all devices follow company policy and local legal standards and expand with natural scalability as necessary.

Securing Your MDM Solution

IT services in Delaware through Partners Plus, Inc. are always available. They can painlessly transition your devices onto a managed cloud network, make data retrieval and examination a cinch, enforce policies, prevent theft, and increase the visibility of your employees using mobile solutions. Contact us to secure your MDM solution before the holidays are in full swing.