IT services DelawareA zero-day threat is now a top concern for businesses of all sizes. A zero-day threat is a common way that hackers exploit a security vulnerability on the same day that it appears. Many businesses struggle with these attacks, as they do not have adequate time to react or have access to a patch that can prevent these threats. IT services providers in Delaware help businesses counteract these threats. Here are just three ways that IT providers can protect your company from these cyber attacks:

1. Use Preventative Security Measures

One of the most effective ways to prevent a zero-day threat is always to install the latest antivirus protection and ensure that your firewalls are always on. IT providers can ensure that your business receives these security updates as soon as possible and will continually perform vulnerability scans to identify any potential areas of weakness.

2. Intrusion Prevention System

Using an intrusion prevention system is a powerful way to protect your network and avoid becoming the victim of a zero-day attack. IT providers can ensure that your intrusion prevention system is always working, as it will verify third-party applications and offer content validation. An intrusion prevention system is highly effective in keeping your network safe from any external threats.

3. Disaster Recovery Plan

IT services providers in Delaware can give your company access to a disaster recovery plan. A disaster can strike at any moment, so it is critical always to be prepared for any situation, whether it is a hardware failure, employee mistakes, cyber attacks, or a natural disaster. A disaster recovery plan will establish specific roles for individuals within your company and minimize the chance of suffering data loss.

Following these simple, yet highly effective steps can prevent your company from experiencing a zero-day attack. Partnering with IT services providers in Delaware is an effective way to prevent cyber attacks, also giving your business access to the best technology available. Partners Plus is an IT service provider that specializes in preventing cyber attacks and giving clients access to the best IT support available. New threats continue to appear on a daily basis, and it is our goal to keep your business operating at an optimal level without suffering through any cyber attacks. Our IT professionals are always available to answer any questions. Feel free to contact us at any time!