IT services DelawareImportance of Testing Your Contingency Plans

IT services companies in Delaware can do a lot to help save you from disaster. They can backup systems, beef-up firewalls, install antivirus software which includes malware and ransomware repellent, and even help conduct training courses which open your employees' eyes when it comes to proper email protocol and internet usage. Yet, even if you have the best MSP helping you maintain the best security solutions, you still may be knocked offline by a disaster. An earthquake or a tornado could wreak havoc if your business is in the wrong place at the wrong time. You need backup solutions, as well as recovery solutions, that you can trust in. There are several types worth considering:

  • On-site backup solutions
  • Off-site backup solutions
  • Hybrid backup solutions

On-Site Backup Solutions

IT services companies in Delaware can help you manage on-site backup solutions but you've got to stay "on top of" such storage. You'll need to conduct trial backups and recoveries at regular intervals. There's little worse than losing your systems and finding that the backup you've designated has broken down. If you don't regularly conduct tests, this can happen--- especially if you've got a large network which requires a concerted backup solution. There are quite a few things that can go wrong.

For instance, you may find that certain updates between your current storage and that which makes up your backup is "out of whack." Remember when Apple computers were on the OS (Operating System) prior X? OS X came out about 17/18 years ago. It's not "backward compatible" with OS 9 and earlier iterations. If you experience such a transition between backup tests, you may find that even inside a month your older backup solution is defunct.

It's essential to acquire the physical equipment and put it through its paces at regular intervals, as supervised by a professional IT resource. Internal professionals can be used but external professionals bring more diverse expertise and resources to the table and can do a better job in most scenarios.

Off-Site Backup Solutions

There are several different kinds of off-site backup solutions. They include server arrays of a "private" nature maintained by an MSP who hosts a server farm. Also, included are cloud computing backup solutions public, private, and a hybrid of the two. Offsite solutions will ensure that no matter what happens to the home office, your business can keep on functioning. It is like outsourcing your operation's "soul," if you wanted to put a metaphysical metaphor into play.

Hybrid Backup Solutions

Probably, your wisest choice will be to have an on-site backup solution which is regularly backed up and maintained. It should be supported by an offsite solution which undergoes the same rigorous sort of testing. In such a scenario, you'll have redundant backups for any situation.

Attaining Comprehensive Security Solutions for Your Business

IT services in Delaware from Partners Plus, Inc. can provide you on-site and off-site backup solutions, as well as consultation pertaining to traditional security and ways in which your existing technology solutions can be upgraded. Contact us for a suite of technology services that can both safeguard and streamline your options in a comprehensive way.