IT services DelawareOne of the many benefits of IT services in Delaware is the ability to be able to provide disaster recovery planning and implementation which can save you money as well as giving you increased protection. This is often implemented in the cloud which leads to the major benefit of enabling disaster recovery to be deployed in a matter of hours or days. Not only that, if the worst should happen your systems can be restored within minutes or hours at the very most. Additionally, its cost also makes it far more accessible to smaller businesses so that almost everyone is able to benefit.

Main Benefits of DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Moving your disaster recovery processes to the cloud means that there is no longer any need for a secondary data center. This immediately removes the cost of building and maintaining them, let alone the cost of staff involved in maintenance and the recovery practices themselves. It also allows you to streamline your IT infrastructure as everything is available in one place. This will give you an advantage in that only one simple interface is required which makes staff training extremely simple and makes the monitoring and maintenance of your systems faster and cheaper.

As well as DRaaS, IT services providers in Delaware can be responsible for all your security issues too, not to mention that moving your disaster recovery systems to the cloud makes your overall environment more secure. There is no longer any need to run costly security measures throughout all your backup datacenters, including any mobile devices used to connect to your systems, as the cloud takes care of all that. The providers of the cloud invariably and necessarily take security very seriously and will make sure there is very little vulnerability for anything you hold with them. It can mean that as well as improving your disaster recovery processes, you can also improve your security at the same time.

The cloud also has other benefits for disaster recovery as it is completely scalable. This means that depending on your requirements you can alter how much or how little of the cloud you are using very simply. This, in turn, means that your disaster recovery application can be scaled and configured specifically for how large your IT infrastructure is at any one time.

For the consolidation of your disaster recovery services so that you can both save money and be better protected, you should call on the help of IT services providers in Delaware, like us at Partners Plus. Contact us today about your disaster recovery needs today so that we can start protecting your business as soon as possible.