IT services DelawareWhat Are Social Engineering Hacks?

Most IT services providers in Delaware will revolve around either products or services that pertain to IT. Occasionally, MSPs must also branch out into consultation, education, and other expository fields to give clients the best possible service. One reason for this is what has come to be called the "social engineering hack". If you're unfamiliar, take a quick look at this video. In it, a young lady, who is well-versed in social engineering hack technique, manages to get information and access to a man's account by pretending to be his hassled wife to a female representative on the phone.

She used psychology and humanity to overcome protocol. This is one of the most pernicious and successful means by which hackers gain information and exploit businesses, so you must be aware of it and how to prevent it. Several threats to prepare for so you can overcome the most well-known social engineering hacks include:

  • Various types of ransomware
  • Phishing

Various Types of Ransomware

IT services providers in Delaware are very careful to provide ransomware protections. The best ones you'll find often have to do with operational protocols. If you want to prevent being taken in by ransomware, you have to ensure employees know how to recognize it and how to avoid it; but this isn't enough. You want automatic patches that update your operational security as readily as they become available. The reason is, certain ransomware isn't from social engineering hacks but network invasion through some unrealized vulnerability; like what happened in 2017 with the WannaCry attack.

That said, in terms of ransomware, some wise operational protocols to teach your employees may include:

  • Never opening spam folder emails from unknown senders
  • Never opening attachments from unknown senders
  • Maintaining their end-user device's antivirus software
  • Making periodic external backups a regular duty
  • Disconnecting backups after completion
  • Ensuring employees know never to pay the ransom

Today's phishing scams take a seasoned well-trained eye to detect. Emails are crafted well and designed to be legitimate. The familiar Prince from Nigeria gambit is old-hat. These emails have a nigh-corporate sophistication about them, and they should. They've been crafted by cybercriminal startups. It's organized crime in the 21st century

Forward Steps

Training and several other measures have already been mentioned here. Proper education pertaining to best practices in terms of security is hard to over-emphasize. Have a company-wide training session at least twice a year, if not on a monthly basis. Test employees through the MSP you work with by throwing a social engineering test at them. Always use the latest anti-phishing software recommended by trusted IT professionals with whom you work. Finally, ensure you've got some means of endpoint protection to keep your entire system from being infected.

Protecting Your Business

As technology expands outward, so does its strengths. But there are always new weaknesses and hackers exploit them— prepare accordingly! IT services in Delaware through Partners Plus, Inc. can help you anticipate and defend against common malware, phishing, and ransomware scams, as well as those of high-grade social engineering variety. Contact us for the latest techniques and educational protocols you should be encouraging throughout your company.