IT services Delaware/managed IT services DelawareEver heard of the word 'encryption'? Do you know what it means and why it is important to your IT security? Well, whether you have heard about it or not, let me tell you from the word go that this is one of those important IT words that you should pay very keen attention to. Oftentimes, when the word ‘encryption’ is mentioned, what comes to mind is mathematics and specific algorithms that have been programmed to encrypt and decrypt data for the purpose of security. Has it started to sound like Greek? Worry not, an IT services provider in Delaware has explained all you need to know below. Read on.

What is Encryption?

A professional managed IT services provider in Delaware defines encryption as a process which enables the conversion of data or information into code to prevent it from being accessed by parties. From experience, we have found that encryption works bests if it is both ubiquitous and automatic.

How Does Encryption Work?

Encryption works by scrambling content such that only a recipient with the right key will be able to decrypt the encrypted data and read the information. For you to encrypt a message, you need to have the right key. The recipient of your message must also have the right key for him or her to decrypt the message. Encryption can be likened to a process by which people send secret messages between each other such that if a third party tries to eavesdrop or pry, they would not be able to understand the content of the message being shared. Accordingly, an IT services provider in Delaware opines that this is one of the safest ways of exchanging both corporate and personal information without risk of being intercepted by third parties.

What are the Different Types of Encryption?

There are two main methods of encryption that you can use. These include:

  • Symmetric encryption - sender and recipient have the same key for encrypting and decrypting data.
  • Asymmetric encryption - sender uses a public key to encrypt data, while recipient uses a private key to decrypt the data.

Key Benefits of Encryption

  • Can help to safeguard your data and network from hackers
  • Can help to protect your identity and privacy online

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