IT services Delaware, managed IT services DelawareThe dark web is part of the internet that only a few ventures to, yet most have heard of, at least in passing. Few people beyond those who provide IT services in Delaware and other tech geeks have a true understanding of what the dark web really is. Let's explore this shady corner of the web and shed some light on why the dark web matters.

The Dark Web is a Problem

Think of the dark web like a black market for illegal items including stolen data. The dark web has the potential to victimize all of us as stolen identities are worth good money. In fact, some credit reporting agencies provide no-cost dark web scans to determine if data has been compromised.

The sad truth is stolen personal data has been and likely will be for sale on the dark web for quite a while. Identity thieves congregate on the dark web to buy and sell stolen data, cut deals for illegal goods and engage in other deviant behavior. So, don't assume it is only gift cards that are resold on the dark web; everything from stolen Social Security numbers to credit card information is for sale.

Is the Dark Web All Bad?

For the most part, the dark web is rife with illegal activity. However, some parties use the dark web for good. Whistleblowers, journalists, and activists turn to the dark web to transmit information. Though our IT services experts in Delaware certainly recognize the dark web's potential for good, we are also aware that client data can be bought and sold in this space with ease. Our managed IT services team in Delaware is here to secure your data. With our help, we can help you retain clients and avoid drama stemming from information theft. After all, the last thing you need is to hear from a client who finds out the data entrusted to your group is on the dark web.

Though the dark web comprises less than five percent of all web traffic, the shady characters operating this secret club really can put your company out of business in due time. What matters is whether you are prepared to combat data theft, safeguard your client relationships and protect your reputation. Be proactive and you can avoid dark web data theft drama, retain your current clients and ultimately win that many more.


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