IT support WilmingtonThe Internet is available just about everywhere nowadays. There is some question as to whether businesses should filter web content available at work. If you are not currently using web content filters, it is time to consider doing so. A web content filter or internet-filtering software will significantly decrease your organization's exposure to digital attacks. However, there is also the potential for web content filters to stand in the way of employee productivity. Here is the explanation of IT support experts in Wilmington for the purpose of web content filters and how they can boost your bottom line:

Web Content Filters can Reduce Employee Social Media Use

Consider using web content filters to block social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Employees can use social media during their time away from work. However, if you expect employees to work beyond traditional hours, blocking social media on all work devices might not be the most popular decision.

Consider allowing select employees to use whatever websites they desire while blocking social media access for those who have not earned complete trust. Though web content filters might cause some to question if your business is truly transparent when it comes to web content, employees will spend the majority of their day working or building stronger bonds with those in the office as their noses won't be buried in social media on their phones.

Guard Against Cyber Attacks

Web content filters are one of the many ways to guard against cyber attacks. Web content filters can analyze and group all different types of online traffic. In fact, some filters can even block phishing attempts and additional types of cyber threats. If you are interested in these filters, reach out to an IT support provider in Wilmington for assistance.

Content Filters are Worth the Money and Effort

It will certainly cost some money and require some time to implement web content filters at your business. However, this relatively minor investment of time and money is well worth it. Consider the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars you might lose if your business is attacked by digital wrong-doers. It makes more sense to invest the small amount of money required for web content filters to dramatically reduce the chances of such a successful attack.

Web Content Filters can Even Mitigate Your Potential Liability

Imagine an instance in which a staff member uses the web while on the clock in a manner that qualifies as employee misconduct. If the employee breaks the law while using the web or visits a site that your company's brass has deemed inappropriate, your company could be sued. Any use of the web that creates a hostile work environment is grounds for a lawsuit. You can reduce your liability by implementing web content filters that keep employees off unsavory websites in the first place.

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