IT support Philadelphia, cloud computing PAWith IT support in Philadelphia, you can choose from three different backup solutions—onsite, offsite, or hybrid. Depending on your business needs and unique situation, you must evaluate which option works best for you. Offsite backup storage solutions have grown in popularity due to the rise in e-commerce and online startup companies and the opportunity for increased security with an offsite backup. Using cloud computing in PA also allows a business to save on IT infrastructure costs which come with onsite IT systems and networks.

Meeting Half Way with the Hybrid Solution

There are many benefits of using a hybrid backup solution which combines on-premise storage with cloud-based storage. Both types of backup have their own merits and disadvantages, making the hybrid the best of both worlds. As more and more people have embraced cloud computing after some initial hesitation, it’s important not to neglect the other side— on-premise backups.

Advantages of Using an On-Premise Backup

A local backup needs more capital costs to set up. Since it belongs to your business, you must have the expertise to manage and monitor it. This you can do with your own IT team, using IT support in Philadelphia, or a combination of the two. What then are the advantages of on-premise backup that make it still worthwhile?

  • Ownership and security - Having your backup onsite gives you complete control of your valuable data. You get to decide on the security protocols and programs to use, as well as the type of software monitoring services to make use of. Your firewall, encryption protocols, and accessibility requirements can be tailored to suit your needs and to maximize your data protection.
  • Speed and accessibility - Having onsite backups makes it easy to access the information onsite, even without using the Internet. The process can be fast, ensuring your business operations continue to run smoothly even when you need to access the onsite backup.

Are you caught between adopting an onsite and offsite backup solution? Partners Plus, Inc. can help you decide which option would work better for you, in addition to exploring the third hybrid backup solution. We are experts in data backup and recovery, managed services, cloud computing, and on-site computer repairs. Our IT support in Philadelphia can help improve your business and increase your security and productivity. Contact us now to find out more.