IT support Philadelphia, cloud computing PAOne of the key reasons to hire an IT support provider in Philadelphia is to make your business more efficient. They can resolve storage issues so that you can put more money into marketing. Here are reasons why a hybrid storage provides local storage and cloud computing for PA businesses that want the benefits of both worlds:

Cloud vs. Local vs. Hybrid Infrastructure

Many businesses have migrated to the cloud to take advantage of all its cost-cutting measures, such as replacing fax machines, phones, and physical documents with space-efficient digital solutions. Another reason is that the cloud potentially provides unlimited storage, whereas the traditional methods and local server worlds typically don't. A hybrid solution, which takes the best of both worlds, can be beneficial since a local server gives you more control and privacy, whereas a cloud server gives you a solid backup solution and better scalability for future business growth.

Storing data on local servers is considered safer than the cloud, only if you use multiple layers of modern cybersecurity. If you only use antivirus for data protection, then your local infrastructure isn't safe at all and is very vulnerable to an attack. A robust data center is very safe if it uses virtualization and several other security layers, such as automated 24/7 network monitoring.

Major Hybrid Storage Benefits

More flexibility and scalability in the cloud to pay for immediate needs
Reduces operational costs on infrastructure, energy, and staff
Better data protection and less risk of loss from disasters
Allows for a WAN + SaaS solution

Prioritizing Critical Data

An experienced and knowledgeable IT support provider in Philadelphia understands that data can be broken into categories and prioritized based on its importance for immediate use. The most important data such as recent transactions can be categorized as "critical data," whereas data such as email from 5 years ago that no longer affects current business or has any relevance can be categorized as "non-critical data."

You can save money by storing just critical data on local servers that may cost more due to better security, while storing non-critical data on free to low-cost cloud servers. One of the reasons why the cloud has unlimited storage space is that modern data centers use virtualized servers, in which several operating systems can be stacked on the same physical server.


An IT support provider in Philadelphia can save you money, time, and resources by adopting and managing a hybrid storage solution. Contact us at Partners Plus, Inc. to learn more about how we can organize and back up your data so that you can concentrate on sales and meeting other business goals.