IT support PhiladelphiaIT support in Philadelphia can be instrumental in assisting you in digitally safeguarding your business. This is the information age, and that becomes a more integrally defining quotient of modern society every day. In order to function the way that will allow your business to most fully flourish, you're likely going to need some Information Technology solution. The thing is, any IT solution is going to have its issues. For one, there is monetary expense involved in acquisition. For another, you've got to manage these assets. They must also be backed up.

Now, backups are integral here, enough so that many businesses have a backup server array for their primary system. Thus, the costs double. Meanwhile, IT support solutions can provide the same utility at a fraction of the cost. As a matter of fact, the MSP solution may even provide better service than the internal solution could. Cloud computing is a reason this is true, as the cloud naturally continues to expand in terms of size and effectiveness. It's to the prerogative of cloud computing providers to retain cutting-edge solutions as much as possible.

All that being said, there are multiple families of backup solutions worth considering, and some will work different for your company than others. Working with a provider of IT support in Philadelphia can help you narrow down your decisions. The right MSP should be able to provide you with support solutions from multiple angles, including:

  • DAS
  • NAS
  • DPS
  • Storage Online


Direct Attached Storage solutions are basically external hard drives used to back up information. These can be individual, corporate or whatever works for your business. The larger you get, the more sense it makes to have a consolidated solution that backs things up on more than an individual basis. DAS is a good way to obtain a physical copy of your data in an emergency, but it gets less effective the larger a business becomes.


Network Attached Storage is kind of the next level up from basic DAS and provides a consolidated location to store all information as it is input and disseminated throughout a given network. This can be more comprehensive and convenient, but you've got to back up the network through an additional server solution, which can be expensive.


Disaster Protection Storage basically applies Direct Attached Storage of a military grade to the occasion. These DPS solutions are designed to withstand disaster. There are often DPS solutions that are stored off-site for increased positive redundancy.

Online Storage

Online storage is perhaps the most secure and cost-effective of the bunch. This keeps your important information on a secured cloud maintained by tech professionals who have a core prerogative aimed at cutting-edge, reliable security. Private and public cloud options exist.

Finding the Best Choice for Your Business

With cutting-edge backup solutions, you can survive disaster. IT support in Philadelphia through Partners Plus, Inc. can help you find the best possible backup solution. Sometimes, a combination of multiple solutions is best. Sometimes, saving money through the cloud is better. It will depend on your business. Contact us for more information on varying security solutions, as well as technology service and provision.