IT support PhiladelphiaAs a small business owner, you're vulnerable to the attacks of hackers. It's important that you protect your valuable data for the safety of your business and your clients. A good IT support in Philadelphia can help you set up a system to prevent these attacks. Every aspect of your business should be set-up securely, eliminating any opportunities hackers might have to access your data. Here's what you should do to protect against attacks from hackers:

Make Sure Every Potential Entry Point is Protected

There are many ways hackers can access your data, and chances are you haven't even considered many of them. For example, you probably already know that your on-site computers and hardware systems should be protected, but did you know that your employees' work computers and mobile devices should be protected as well? You'll also need to make sure that your website is secure, as this is an easy potential entry point. Other entry points that need to be protected include your onsite Wi-Fi network and your email communications. Additionally, if you run a retail business, it's important to protect your POS system.

Update Your Systems Regularly

When your systems are out of date, it makes it easier for hackers to break in. Work with your IT support team in Philadelphia to ensure that your systems are updated on a regular basis. Many programs have the option to automatically update, but you need to set them up this way and be aware of their update schedule. It's also important that your employees update their personal devices when necessary.

Make Sure All Your Passwords are Changed Regularly

You're probably already aware that everything in your system needs to be password protected, but it's also important to change your passwords on a regular basis. Your IT support team can help set up reminders on your systems to ensure that employees change their passwords every few months. It's also important that passwords are complex and difficult to guess, and that new passwords are not too similar to the old ones.

Use the Cloud Wisely

Cloud services are a great way to store your company data, but it's important that they're set up safely so that they can't be hacked. Work with your IT support to install a secure cloud solution that is difficult to access. There are many cloud services designed specifically for business that will keep your data safe. It's also important to note that if you are using popular cloud services such as Google Drive that you should not store secure information through them. Ultimately, this information doesn't belong to you when it's stored on a large, open cloud service, which can be very unsafe.

Small businesses are often easy targets for hackers, so it's important that you keep your data safe and secure. Being consistently aware of digital threats and working to improve your systems will help keep them safe. Contact us at Partners Plus, an IT support firm in Philadelphia, to find out what you should do to protect your business and implement security measures