IT support PhiladelphiaIT support in Philadelphia is essential in helping your business establish a secure plan of data protection. You need data recovery (DR) protocols in place reflecting metrics that represent the swiftest possible resolution of normal operations.

Working with an MSP is key: they deal with diverse businesses like yours, and so have the ability to help you avoid common mistakes and adopt practices which help preserve data that you may not encounter otherwise. The 3-2-1 rule is a great example. When it comes to backup, you want three backup solutions on at least two different kinds of media, one of which being located off-site.

But having backup doesn't mean you'll have swift recovery. And even if you do figure out the right way to recover information, you're going to foot the bill if you handle everything internally.

That said, working with an MSP to manage DR situations requires baseline metrics to which such companies much adhere. There are three primary ones to consider:

RTA (Recovery Time Actual)

RTA basically refers to the total actual time it takes you to recover back into normal operations after an attack or emergency. An IT support provider in Philadelphia will work with you to design a contract which includes an RTA that they must be to hit, otherwise they might foot the bill. RTA basically refers to the time necessary for DR after a disaster. You can figure out this number through running drills when you've got the latitude to do so. When you have your next "emergency", you'll want to figure out how long it takes to recover. That might just be a silver lining there if you don't already have such data.

RTO (Recovery Time Objective)

RTO refers to the time necessary for systems to be put back into order before loss of a kind that cannot be fixed impacts operation. The way this will be measured depends on the size and scope of your business; it will be represented in minutes, hours, or days.

RPO (Recovery Point Objective)

RPO refers to a maximum of data loss allowable in a given disaster. This metric is rooted in a variety of strategies for data protection such as backup frequency.

IT support in Philadelphia through Partners Plus, Inc. can help ensure RTA, RPO, and RTO objectives are at their lowest possible thresholds. Contact us for more information on how to protect your systems from extreme data loss in the event of an emergency, as well as other professional tech solutions for businesses of diverse size.