IT support PhiladelphiaBy now, it should be clear that every business needs IT support in Philadelphia to avoid the downtime caused by cybercriminals. Even the most robust security can be penetrated, but the key is to make it so complex that hackers give up.

Here are ways that your IT team can protect your network so that you can focus on your business:

Taking Cybercrime Seriously

The first step to minimizing the threat of security breaches is to understand that cybercrime has been on the rise in recent years and must be taken seriously. Businesses that ignore the problem thinking it can never happen to them are the most vulnerable. In 2017 alone, there were nearly 1300 data breaches of large organizations, resulting in the exposure of 174 million records to criminals. The problem is very real and should not be categorized as fake news or irrelevant to small business.

Strategies Against Hackers

Luckily, there are multiple steps that an IT support provider in Philadelphia can take to minimize disruption from outsiders trying to penetrate your network. Here are some of the most common ways to effectively make it difficult for hackers:

  • Build a private cloud with virtual servers
  • Firewall technology (hardware and software)
  • Use SSL certificate layer for your website
  • Advance threat protection software
  • Data leakage prevention (DLP) software with access controls
  • Forensic technology that documents evidence of intruders

How to Monitor Network Activity

One of the most effective ways to identify and block hackers is with 24/7 monitoring software. It's also imperative to train employees how to avoid the human errors that help facilitate cybercrime, particularly clicking attachments that unleash malware and ransomware. Here are some of the clues that IT security experts look for:

  • Compare traffic stats with normal activity
  • Use monitoring software to detect unknown IP addresses
  • Check for multiple failed login attempts
  • Note any abnormal activity outside of business hours

When unexpected system shutdowns or reboots occur, it's time to take a deeper look at the problem. Additionally, when services and applications launch automatically, it's an indicator of hacker activity. By constantly monitoring the network, it's possible to thwart breaches before they do extensive damage. Another key to defending your business is to implement strict security requirements that determine how your team accesses and uses your network.


An IT support provider in Philadelphia can help resolve cybercrime issues by taking proactive steps to protect your network. The more layers of security you build around your digital assets, the safer your infrastructure and architecture will be. Contact us at Partners Plus, Inc. to learn more about keeping disruptive activity off your network.