IT support Philadelphia, managed services PhiladelphiaThe stronger your backup and disaster recovery planning, the better your company will be able to return things to normal if something were to happen. According to IT support experts in Philadelphia, backups are essential but not enough for most companies. Disaster recovery can determine if you keep your doors open or shut them permanently.

Why Disaster Recovery Planning Is Even More Important Than Taking Backups?

On the surface, taking regular data backups should be enough to recover if you suffer data loss. You have copies of your core data that you can access and restore as needed. Backup recovery should help you get things back to operation after a hardware failure, human error, fire, theft, or cyber attacks. Backups are an essential part of disaster recovery. However, it is only one thing to consider.

To get your company back to operation after certain disasters, however, you need more than a copy of your data. What happens if your main server is non-functional due to fire or flood? Do you have a backup server? If you don't, how long can you wait to get a new server delivered, built, and tested? It is just this type of scenario that disaster recovery planning addresses.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery addresses not only the recovery of your data, but the way your business will return to an operational level in the fastest time possible. A good plan will address the following points:

  • Being able to recover the most recent backups quickly
  • How to restore operations fully in the fastest time possible
  • How reliable and robust the backup and recovery system is
  • How to bring the applications back up after data recovery
  • Having a secondary site for backup storage to increase the chances of a fast recovery

Disaster recovery planning also addresses the worst-case scenario (your physical office has become uninhabitable, your computers in the office are unusable, and your onsite servers are destroyed, for example).

Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery

According to IT support experts in Philadelphia, cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies do their disaster recovery planning. It is less expensive and brings certain benefits, such as:

  • The backup facility and systems are handled by the cloud provider
  • Your employees can access the systems from anywhere
  • Setting up disaster recovery happens quickly due to proven industry methods
  • The systems can be optimized easily
  • The energy bills are included in the cloud provider's price
  • There are no capital expenditures needed

As your business grows, your cloud solution for disaster recovery can scale as needed. If you want to learn more about cloud-based disaster recovery, contact us at Partners Plus, Inc. We are a managed services provider (MSP) in Philadelphia providing IT support solutions for Philadelphia businesses.