IT support PhiladelphiaBackup and disaster recovery is an essential IT support service in Philadelphia without which failure will be inevitable. Without a proper BDR plan, you not only risk losing essential business data but also your business collapsing in the wake of a data disaster. As such, you need to implement proper backup strategies. For a long time, most businesses have been relying on tape backup. However, in today’s business environment, this solution is no longer the most efficient.

What Risks Come with Fully Relying on Tape Backup?

With the advancement of technology, backup has been simplified such that with just a click of a button, you can successfully upload your files to the cloud for safekeeping. This is unlike the olden days when data had to be copied onto magnetic tapes, which were stored in on-site or off-site locations. Back then, it was the ideal solution, as there were no other available options. Today, tape backups have been overshadowed by the cloud technology to the extent of looking almost primitive. If you plan on retaining this kind of backup, ensure that it is not your only option. Here are some of the disadvantages of relying on tape backup

  • Prone to Damage

Just like any other physical storage, fire, floods, or any other natural calamity can easily destroy tape backup. In addition, it degrades over time, and you might never recover data from it as it might even be corrupted.

  • It Lacks Automation

Today, almost every IT support service in Philadelphia is automated, meaning you do not rely on humans. However, with tape backup, the data has to be backed up manually. An employee may make some errors or even forget to back up, and this means that the entire day’s work will be lost.

  • It Is Not Cost-Effective Anymore

Today, tape backup is seen to be resource-intensive. It is not only time-consuming, but also very expensive in terms of management, not forgetting data loss and the downtime costs.

Cloud Backup— the Ultimate Solution

The cloud is the ideal mode of backup that is being offered by IT support providers owing to automation. It ensures that all data is backed up, as you can set it to do backups in short intervals. In addition, the automatic updates will help save on business resources. The best part is its accessibility. The backups are secure, and they can easily be accessed whenever needed.

It is time that you revised your BDR strategy. Partners Plus is an IT support provider in Philadelphia that offers cloud backup and other managed services. Contact us today and let our experts help secure your data beyond tape backups.