IT support Philadelphia, managed services PhiladelphiaPirated software poses many risks for businesses---- IT support firms in Philadelphia can educate your employees on the many dangers associated with these illegal copies of software. According to recent statistics, over $63 billion of computer programs are pirated worldwide. These illegal copies of software expose your business to many different security vulnerabilities and can also lead to significant legal issues for your company.

Here are just a few examples of the dangers of using pirated software and why it is important to use a managed service provider that will give your business access to state of the art technology that is always legitimate:

Malware Risks

One of the main dangers of using pirated software is that it exposes your company to many different types of malware. According to a recent study, 34% of pirated software is infected with malware and half of these included trojans. You can also expose your company to ransomware attacks, which can shut down your entire operation unless you pay a hefty fee. Data breaches and identity theft can also occur, as the use of pirated software isn't worth the risks for any business.

Unreliable Software

Another reason to not use pirated software is that it can stop working at any time due to the software programs being slightly different from the original design. In other words, pirated software is highly unreliable and significantly increases the chance of your business suffering through extensive downtime. However, you can avoid this situation by using legitimate software programs offered by IT support firms in Philadelphia. These programs are also updated on a regular basis, and a managed service provider is always available to answer any questions.

Legal Risks

The use of pirated software also opens your company to many different legal issues, and it isn't worth the risk. Knowingly downloading pirated software can lead to significant fines and damage the reputation of any business. However, the use of managed services in Philadelphia is a much safer solution, as you will gain access to the latest technology available without ever worrying about breaking the law.

Pirated software offers minimal benefits and much greater danger for any business. However, choosing to partner with IT support firms in Philadelphia will give your company the opportunity to use the best software available at an affordable price. At Partners Plus, we understand the many challenges that small businesses face, and it is our mission to help your company unlock its full potential with innovative technology. Contact us today to understand the many benefits of using IT support in today's workplace.