IT support WilmingtonDeciding where and how to back up your business data is an important decision you must make. With IT support in Wilmington, you can choose the solution that most suits the stage you are in as a business. Many companies still rely on tape-based backups and the storage process is often automated and done regularly. Studies do show that tape backups are on the decline for a number of reasons. On the other hand, more and more companies are opting for cloud-based backup solutions because of the great opportunities provided.

Challenges of Tape Backups

Tape backups have long been used and are still in use because they offered a great solution for the data backup question. Tapes have been a cheap and reliable storage location for some time. Some of the reasons businesses are now moving from tape to disk to the cloud include the lack of compatibility with many new systems, the lengthy process of accessing information stored on tapes, and the need for lots of storage space, storage management, and immaculate storage conditions to prevent loss and damage.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Backups

It seems that cloud-based backups offer so much more flexibility and many more advantages. Cloud computing speaks to modern businesses and innovation. You can either get some cloud storage space or cloud as a service to host your business network. An IT support provider in Wilmington can give you assistance in migrating to the cloud.

The key advantages of the cloud for backups include:

The pay-as-you-go model allows you to only pay for what you need. You can, therefore, manage your costs better and scale up your business at your pace.
Cloud backups offer a more durable and secure storage option. With top-notch data security protocols and limited access, your business data is certainly safer in the cloud.
You can access your data from anywhere and without delay. You no longer have to sift through storage cabinets because digital storage puts all your data at your fingertips.

Choosing the right backup location can impact your business costs and operation. Why not go with the cloud now and embrace cloud technology as a simpler and more secure storage option. At Partners Plus, Inc., as an IT support provider in Wilmington, we understand backups and have worked with many businesses that are interested in cloud computing and backup and disaster recovery services. Contact us now!